Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Holy Grail Tie.

Everyone should have at least one so called Holy Grail piece. Mine? Chocolate brown Tom Ford from 2011, with pretty big white polka dots that scale to ovals the narrower the tie gets. I think having that one special piece is important - it makes you feel confident and simply lifts your spirit up on the special day you decide to wear it.

A few weeks back I went to a traditional spot to visit and have a coffee here in Tampere. An old sightseeing tower built in the 1920s on the world's tallest gravel ridge. What a perfect occasion to hang the perfect tie around my neck.

I've also chosen a navy club jacket with silver buttons, khaki slim chinos, cream/chocolate brown silk pocket square and slightly preppy sleek round loafers, but the center piece is the tie.

Another notion here. Small, ugly and without-any-roll Hugo Boss or the sort collars would just look ridiculous here. Go for softer, round collars with long enough collar points, and it will benefit the whole look and lift the beautiful knot (and pimple) of your tie. Now, I could've gone for a white shirt here, but light purple just felt right that day. Purple also works like magic with brown, especially if you mix it with some white or cream.

Penny loafers are always a fail-safe option during summer, and to wear them without socks is no crime. Otherwise brown loafers work well with almost any chinos, jeans and even shorts (risky). Oh, and always remember to keep your shoes clean and polished of course - the requirement for any spot on look.

So. I personally think everyone should have one expecially precious item, a tie, pair of shoes or perhaps a ridiculously expensive pair of cufflinks. It doesn't matter if no one else knows your shoes cost a thousand bucks but you, but you will feel a thousand bucks more special. Something out of the oridinary, something that alone lifts your spirit on a day you really need it or when you just want that extra zing when going out. My wardrobe is built with a budget, but we can all afford one special thing. And this tie is my special thing.

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