Friday, 30 November 2012

Winter Accessories Part 1: Berg & Berg Pocket Squares

I got a nice little parcel from Berg & Berg of Norway this Tuesday. The parcel held three types of goods: ties, pocket squares and socks. I decided to share the items into three parts, admittedly to have more things to post, but also because I love this kind of detail shots taken of beautiful things.

First part: some kickass fall/winter pocket squares.

The first square is probably my new favorite pocket square. A natural white with a burgundy pattern wool flannel square, so soft to touch and just perfect for the season. The colors are also quite a good match for many combinations, making it a good go-to square when you have some similar tones on you. Also, the delicious flannel as a material works with formal and casual items alike.

The other square is a natural white with navy and blue curls. The material is a wool twill, and it is fills out a hole that's been in my wardrobe for quite some time - a non-silk blue pocket square. As you probably have noticed, I like wearing blue, and some more variation to the pocket squares I can use in those combinations is more than welcome.

More of these in tasty close-ups later this weekend.

Both pocket squares are handrolled and the quality is normal Berg & Berg - very good. After getting these two bad boys I'm really lusting to buy all the flannel squares and maybe a few others as well. Now that they offer shipping from within the European Union and you can avoid the customs problems, these 26 EUR squares offer a pretty fantastic value.

Part two will include the socks, leaving the ties last for part three. Also an outfit post with some, you guessed it, blue.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sunday's Outfit

We had a nice Sunday lunch with some friends last week. The weather was about +7 and I opted for a comfortable and fairly casual outfit.

The jacket is the same as in my last post, the only jacket I had with me on the weekend trip. The shirt is a white oxford cotton spread collar shirt and the knit a new one I just found from H&M. Quite a pretty knit for 29 EUR, thin enough to be worn under a jacket but warm enough for even the colder days. The pocket square is a simple cream linen square, which actually now kind of conflicts with the white shirt. Seemed like a good idea back then without a mirror and looking at the colors of the knit.

A close-up for some texture goodness.

Again and as always, I was wearing an Equus Leather bridle leather belt. This one is in color Dark Havana, and is really the perfect match for the dark suede chukka boots. Just love how the thick bridle leather adds that extra bit of quality and ruggedness to the overall look.

The denim is the same raw denim I've been wearing all the time. The fit is bang on, they've really molded on me now and I have to say I really love wearing them. However, I have been thinking of getting a new pair of darker raw denim. If any of you have good ideas I'm open for suggestions, doesn't need to be selvedge and the weight of the fabric might be something around 14 Oz.

Next posts will include some true accessories porn in the form of tasty shots of some new ties, pocket squares and socks I've just received, without forgetting the usual outfit posts.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Weekender Bag

A weekender bag or a holdall, what ever you want to call it, is a must item for everyone. Man or woman, it allows you to travel in style and keep your belongings in good shape. In most cases, small enough to be a carry-in bag and a thousand times better looking than the black nylon or polyester bags. I use my own for travelling, weekend trips or just daily needs such as going to the gym.

We've been looking for a similar option for my girlfriend for a long time, with a few requirements the bag needs to fulfill. First, it had to be reasonably priced. Second, it needed to be of good quality, full grained leather and have well-made metal parts. After a long search we ended up going for Tuscany Leather's premium line. Here's some first thoughts.

The leather feels pretty good, and the natural growth marks on the leather in my mind really add some nice character to the overall look. The color is tan, the only color that was available but also the exact color that we were looking for. The stiching seems well-made for the price range, and the metalwear feels like it will last for long. The inner lining is cotton, which I don't necessarily approve of that much. Even my own bag has a suede lining, but I guess you have to make sacrifices to get this for the price tag it has.

Another word of criticism I would give goes for the shipping. Obviously it's cheaper, but forcing the bag totally flat can't be good for the leather. The only thing you can hope for that it wasn't forced into that shape for too long. Anyway, the design is simple and pretty, leather feels good and the price was quite reasonable for a bag of this size made of full grained leather. When most of the similar items go for 500-2000 EUR, I think it's pretty decent for this 360 EUR bag.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Back In Form

Been a while since I posted anything with a navy odd jacket. Here's something to fix that. Last warmer days before snow arrives for good, they say.

Other items here include a blue cotton cashmere cardigan, burgundy wool silk tie, white spread collar oxford shirt, Equus Leather bridle leather belt, khaki chinos and split toe derby shoes.

The picture below is a bit off in colors, I had to use an online lighting correction and the jacket fabric looks just wrong. I'll adjust the picture when I get home to my iMac and decent software. Why I still included the picture is that I really like the knot here.

Another tasty close-up. The vintage pocket square is made of silk and has a beautiful texture.

I've worn the Loding split toe derbies for about 10-15 times now, and so far they seem to be "aging" rather well for 160 euro shoes. Socks here are medium blue heavy cotton socks.

Edit 27.11.2012. Some pictures have had their lighting adjusted slightly.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Grey, Olive and Navy

This is from yesterday. I've been wearing this jacket quite a lot now, and it's proven to be a very comfortable and versatile item. Good for to be thrown on when you leave in a hurry and works well as an odd jacket but also as an overcoat of sorts, when used with heavier knits and knit jackets.

Here with a white blue gingham flannel shirt, olive Berg & Berg pin dot tie, espresso Equus Leather bridle leather belt, navy chinos and espresso suede chukka boots. A simple look, which pretty much works just as I wanted. Love how toned down blues and the olive tie work together with the olive-ish jacket.

The navy chinos are from Brooks Brothers, and I can't say much good about them. I've had them for a long time, and even though the fit (after heavy alterations, mind you) is pretty perfect, they've been pressed with what seems to be some sort of super glue at the factory. I've tried everything I can think of, washing them with different detergents, soaking them in vinegar etc. but nothing seems to work. The original press marks are there to stay and just won't wash or fade away. Luckily I've finally found a replacement pair from PRL, a pair I scored of eBay for just 39 pounds yesterday.

The suede boots are really what I wanted for this look, but other alternatives that I think would've worked well here as well include semi-heavy split toe derbies or perhaps a pair of slightly heavier double monks.

Next few posts will include a review of the holdall bag I have in the first picture, and I will naturally keep posting different kind of outfits. Like on Facebook and check back soon.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Suede Chukka Boots

So, I got these chukka boots this week. I had some negative thoughts about the model in question, Loake Pimlicos, but after trying them on I was actually quite surprised how well the shape works in real life. Here's a few initial thoughts and some pictures.

The Pimlicos have been made on the Capital last, and the shape is a sort of combination of sleekness and heaviness. A pretty good overall presence then, elegant enough to go with slim chinos and more sartorial looks, but rugged enough to be used with denim and rougher combinations.

The quality is the basic Loake 1880 series quality, so pretty good for the money. Not C&J, but better than most similarly priced products. They've been equipped with Dainite soles and suede is perhaps the best winter material, so I hope they will serve many seasons to come. All they should need is a wash and some Saphir every now and then.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


A casual outfit from going to the gym last week. The vest I have on has proved to be a pretty versatile piece, working with a fitting jacket as well as knits. This day I decided to pull it on my chunky burgundy knit I got some months ago. It was actually -1° Celsius, but I was more warm than cold.

The other items include a wool scarf, oxford cotton white spread collar shirt and an Equus Leather bridle leather belt.

Another thing I really like, is how the well-made and thicker bridle leather belt works in this kind of outfits. I've had belts from Equus Leather for almost two years now, and they just seem to get better. The quality feel you get from the heavier and chunkier bridle leather is just right with the raw denim, thicker knit and heavier shoes.

Last but not the least, denim, brown wool and brown longwings. A brown buffalo leather holdall on the background.

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Casual Weekend Wear

This one is from Saturday. Slight hangover and perhaps not really on top of my game, I opted for simple, warm and casual clothes.

The pea coat is still waiting for me to take it to my tailor to have it shortened. About an inch or perhaps a bit more and it will be good. Underneath you will find a cream knit jacket, a blue houndstooth spread collar shirt and a brown Equus Leather bridle leather belt.

The shoes are my new split toe derbies, which are quite handsome I think. The perspective fools a bit in the lower picture, making them appear longer than I would say they really look. The upper picture is closer to the truth. Socks are thick brown wool with cream heels.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Padded Jacket

I've been looking for a jacket of this kind for quite a while, and now finally found one for a decent price. A padded poly odd jacket, perfect for a bit colder weather. Chuck it on a shirt, a shirt and a jumper or perhaps a shirt and a knit jacket, add a nice scarf and you're all set.

The filling feels quite warm, and I think the jacket will work easily in a bit colder weather, and wind shouldn't be a big problem. I think I will be wearing it mostly with khaki and navy chinos and the sort of semi-heavy shoes such as my new pair of split toe derbies. A double leather sole double monks would also be pretty nice with this one.

There is about 0-4 hours of real daylight, so taking these pictures is a bit challenging, so sorry for the flash. The polyester isn't too shiny, and the first picture is quite right.

Overall I'm happy with this purchase, a fine addition to my mid-season/winter wardrobe. Now what I'm still looking for, is a similar padded jacket, preferably from wool flannel, and in navy.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Night Out Wear

Been a while since I posted, and I'll try to catch up in the next few days. I'll also try to write some more "informative" posts, as I've got some people asking for that kind of content. Anyway, here is what I wore on Friday.

The occasion was a bit more formal, and I was trying to find a balance between a kind of classy night look and playfulness. The jacket is navy wool with a softer shoulder, the shirt a bd shirt of the more formal kind, worn with the collars unbuttoned, and a bi-color knit tie. White chinos and a midnight blue oiled suede belt.

A shot for more detail. Quite like how the collars on the shirt roll when worn like this. The tie could use a tightening, seems I was a bit sloppy re-tying it after having a haircut.

No shoe picture, but I had a pair of black plain toes and navy socks. The overall outfit was meant to be a sort of playful and modern yet classy night out outfit, and I think this one pretty much pulled it off.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Split Toe Derby Shoes

I ordered a test pair from a French company, Loding. Most of their shoes are Goodyear-welted and come in handsome last shapes, and all of them cost just 160 euros. I'd been looking for an addition to my "semi-heavy street shoes" in the form of split toe derbies, and decided to test Loding. Here's a few pictures of my pair, with just a touch a shoe voodoo to add a nice shine.

The first impression is quite good for 160 euros. The leather feels OK, the color is rather beautiful and the stiching looks decent. The burnishing has been made a bit quickly it seems, but then again, you can't expect to buy a pair of John Lobbs at this price range. One important notion would be that they run considerably large fot their size marking.

Having not worn them yet, I'm quite pleased. The only thing I would have wanted is a bit heavier sole. These have a kind of a Ridgeway/Victory type of sole with a different pattern, which seems good enough, but a thicker rubber sole would have added some more presence that I was looking for from this pair.

All in all, it's still a beautiful pair for the money, and even if it ended up being a bit too dressy for any rougher outfits, it'll do perfectly for those lighter and semi-formal ones. Just waiting for my padded Eleventy jacket now.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New Coat

Basically the first time wearing the pea coat I got last week. I like the deep navy color and the fabric a lot, but there are some changes I think I'm going to have have done.

First of all, I would prefer my pea coat about 2-3 centimeters shorter. Second, even though it is good to have room under a coat there is just too much of it here. The shoulders are wide as if people were supposed to wear odd jackets under pea coats. They're not. The shoulders are getting a small fix.

The other items here include a shabby red wool tie, white blue gingham shirt, light grey alpacca scarf and khaki chinos.

Opted for heavy blue cotton socks this time. My split toe derbys should arrive any day now, finally to get a bit more rotation.

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Sunday, 11 November 2012


Another outfit that is a bit more casual. Theme was browns, blues and some crisp white with seasonal textures.

The flecked knit works nicely with the vest with its suede and corduroy accents. I thought to go with a striped shirt to add some blue to the upper part, and I quite like how the crewneck jumper squeezes those collars.

The same pair of jeans again, and brown with beige flecks heavy wool socks. Oh, and on my wrist a blue white nantucket bracelet.


Another close-up from the jeans, the jumper and my belt, which is a bridle leather belt made by Equus Leather.

I didn't really like these shoes that much at first, but I've been using them quite a lot now and am starting to be quite fond of them. They still have the horrible flaw of the piece of leather under the wing made from multiple pieces and not having that beautiful long sleek line that all longwings should have. Anyway, the color is bang on and the shape works well with my style. 

I've said this before, but I think I've developed my favorite thing for the season. Semi-heavy non-boots, heavy wool socks (I need to find a pair of some kind of Fair Isle socks) and slim chinos or jeans wrapped about an inch higher than normally. Let that texture show!

Friday, 9 November 2012

New Arrivals

Got some winter stuff come in a few days ago to patch up my wardrobe for colder weather. A pea coat, alpacca scarf, wool hat and a few shirts with a heavier fabric. Here's a few shots to get you into the winter mood.

Navy pea coat with a grey baby alpacca scarf.

Casual white spread collar shirt.

Blue/white gingham check spread collar shirt.

Grey cashmere wool hat.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sunset at 3 PM

Last Sunday the weather was quite nice. About +3 degrees Celsius, sort of sunny and no wind. As you can see we got rid of the snow, and this outfit is from a walk in the afternoon.

The white button-down shirt with the raw denim was a pretty good fit I think. To keep it consistent, I opted for a casual green silk blend tie with a beige/pink floral pattern and a beige wool pocket square. The scarf is pure virgin wool bought from some random store in Milan some years ago.

These jeans are really starting to be one of my favorite pieces to wear. After having them slimmed down a bit some months ago the fit is just perfect, and the texture is fantastic. Props to whoever made them in Portugal. I'm not a big fan of these shoes, but the quality is there and they're alright with a dark pair of jeans. Socks are brown merino wool.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cream Polka Dots

Something more formal for a change. Grey suit and black shoes, so pretty much as formal as I go. Something what I would very much like to wear every day if I worked in a bank. Which I don't, so this is just those days that I feel like keeping myself in line and dressing a bit more formal.

The suit is my grey Cavaliere, and this picture, despite the slightly bad pose, shows how the soft shoulders really look good by following the body's natural lines. The shirt is white and the tie a 7-fold silk tie with Tom Ford kind of polda dots - ones that get more elliptical the narrower the tie gets. The background color is burgundy and the dots are cream, as is the pocket square.

The shoes are black quarter brogues, a type of oxford shoes that I quite like. Not as musty as full brogues, but a bit more playful than normal toe caps. Socks here are grey cotton and I think my trousers have been a tad too low in the pictures, the break is a bit stronger than it really is.