Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Nordic Fit

I've kept a Tumblr for some months now, and it feels like its time to start opening the process that makes me choose the components I do.  I will go through some of the combinations I've had on me recently, explain why I picked what, what I would maybe do differently and also focus on some items I like in particular. If at the end of the day I help burn an ugly tie a week, a pair of Eccos a month and encourage someone to sport a pocket square for their first time, this will be time well spent.

Aesthetics are surely one of the most important things in my life. Things that look good just give me pleasure on a scale that can only be matched with a good steak and a glass of Cabernet, and I'm starting to feel ever more strongly that this is what I was ment for. So, from now on I will be writing down some thoughts on things that I think look good on a modern urban man.

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