Monday, 11 February 2013

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The Nordic Fit Now Powered by Flockler

Finally, I've had the opportunity to move the site into a new system, and from late last night onwards The Nordic Fit will be powered by Flockler.

Flockler is an innovative new platform that let's you combine different media into a fantastic-looking content, easily read via tablets or smart phones. Commenting will be introduced in the following days, and in the meantime you can contact me via my email contact -at-

I hope all of you will enjoy the new fresh look that is easily accessed with all devices.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Navy, Brown and Cream

Sunday lunch a week ago. Went with a navy woolen jacket with some brown and cream.

The jacket is from SuitSupply in the Copenhagen fit, so is the shirt (this time with collar bones for some sharpness), knit tie from Berg & Berg (love how it ties a knot), pocket square from Tom Ford, belt from Equus Leather, chinos from Paoloni and chukka boots from Loake.

The whole combination is rather simple and without risks, and perhaps a touch on the formal side of my style, due to the quite dressy knit tie and the silk pocket square. Also chinos are pressed and in a bit darker color than I often wear.

Pretty much a perfect knot. Where as I often don't give that much thought on how I tie my tie (meaning I'm not aiming for a single dimple in the middle), for this occasion I felt like a bit more formal tie knot would be more appropriate.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Things for Spring 2013 - Part 2

4. A casual canvas bag

Alfred work bag. Picture from Property of..
Now here's another item that I think would be pretty fantastic in all those summer casuals. A casual but still presentable bag preferably made out of sturdy and perhaps a bit washed cotton giving it the perfect look to go with basically all the other items I've listed here. For a casual Friday or just to bring your laptop to a cafe this kind of a bag has been on my mind for some years now.

The best options I've seen so far have mostly come from Property of, a company that I suppose is fair to say specializes in casual bags like this. Other companies that have similar designs could be Sandqvist or perhaps Mismo (which tends to be more formal in it's design language).

And how would prefer to wear it? In a million ways, but you couldn't go wrong with wearing a navy unstructured cotton jacket, white blue gingham shirt, similar jeans to what you see below, suede plaintoe derbies without socks and an Alfred work bag pictured above.

5. Washed Jeans

RRL Jeans. Picture from Frans Boone.
Another classic that I have to admit I'm sort of missing from my wardrobe. A pair of medium dark washed jeans to go with various summer pieces. Slim fit but not too slim, a pair of jeans like this is so effortless and good-looking with a a casual cotton jacket to a polo shirt. They will also rock almost all shoe types, but really start delivering when used with medium dark or light brown suede shoes and a belt.

Admittedly I'm not a massive denim expert, so won't be recommending anything here. I'll be consulting my denim guru friend and get back to this subject later on.

6. Good quality white polo shirt
Similar to a one I have in grey. Picture from Kent Wang.

Another classic, but one that is surprisingly hard to find with specs that it should always be it. Now, for me there are two things that mainly separate a good polo shirt from a bad one.

First, no logo. Logos are almost without exception ugly and silly (and yes, I do have a couple with logos..) penis enlargers that don't really serve any function. Second, the collar design. The normal ribbed collar found in 99% of polo shirts is not that good looking, and I personally prefer a more dress shirt style collar in my polo shirt. For example, the spread collar Kent Wang uses in their polo and ruby shirts (seen above) makes a world of difference.

So, where to get these good ones? Kent Wang's polo shirts have caused different kind of reactions from what I've read, but at least my grey one has been great. It has to be noted though, that even if it says on their web page that it is very slim, I would rate it to be pretty similar to PRL's custom fit. After a visit to a tailor it has been fantastic - great fabric (better than any similar cotton mesh), gorgeous MOP-buttons and a good collar design that retains it shape well.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Things for Spring 2013 - Part 1

As I've been getting a lot of feedback to write more stuff like this, here it goes. Things I'm strongly thinking of getting this spring, for reasons explained.

1. A washed semi-casual shirt

Glanshirt. Picture from Frans Boone.
I've grown to like the sort of "washed" materials a lot lately. When used in a casual setting they give add a touch of nonchalance that very few other things can. Glanshirt (pictured above) is a maker that has been making this kind of shirts for a longer time, but mostly due to the steep price tag I haven't bought one myself so far. Now it might be the time to get one.

What colors would I get? A soft white cotton twill would be my first choice perhaps, but different kinds of light blue with a subtle pattern wouldn't be bad either. Collar type should be spread or button-down.

What to wear with? I'd go for a cotton jacket, preferable extremely lightly padded or totally unstructured. Perhaps a lightweight knit. For the bottom I'd go for light colored chinos in a slightly rugged cotton fabric, leave the socks out and jump into a pair of sand colored suede plaintoe derbies.

Other manufacturers than Glanshirt might be SuitSupply, for example. Let's see what kind of options and if any without the ultra spread collar they will have in their S/S 13 collection once it is available in whole.

2. Brown toe cap oxfords

Toe cap oxford in brown calf and Hiro last. Picture from Meermin.

I've lately been selling most of my full brogue shoes, as I've been finding them increasingly unattractive and unsuitable for my wardrobe. What I prefer to wear instead is something without any or just some brogue detailing, and a semi-elongated and not too aggressive shape. So, a natural choice is the toe cap oxford. Also, it must be noted that this reflection mainly concerns brown toe caps. A black toe cap is still very much an option only when a suit is worn.

Most would say that a toe cap oxford is only for formal use, but I have to admit there are some guidelines that at this point in life and in this environment I don't really need to care about. I personally see this kind of a shoe to fit the Italian stuff such as my LMB 1911s or Bogliolis the best. A toe cap oxford on the right last has that elegance of an oxford shoe, but in brown is not too formal. The clean and beautiful lines and the quality of the leather play the major part instead of the smaller details.

So, again, how would I wear this apart from the normal more formal use? To be honest, I see it as a totally OK option to replace your loafers and worn with perhaps a blue or navy unstructured jacket, light colored shirt, perhaps cream, white or navy chinos and without any socks. One of Bill Cunningham's pages last year actually was about wearing oxford shoes without socks, if I remember correctly. Maybe that's where this thought process has began, so some credit to Bill.

Meermin's brown toe cap oxford in Hiro last (pictured above) is what I've been thinking of myself, but other options might include Carmina's toe caps or C&J Radstock in the 341.

3. Plain toe derbies

Church's Stratton. Picture from Frans Boone.

Plaintoe derby is also a shoe type that I'm still to own. About a year ago there was a small click inside my head and I suddenly started fancying both longwing gunboats and PTDs. Both shoes work around the year, and both are perhaps a bit more attractive in suede during the warmer months.

A few things I personally hold important when looking at this shoe type. First, the vamp piece should not be cut into three pieces, like in many plain toe derbies. Instead, the vamp leather piece should run all the way to the rear and there should a small leather pieces (if someone knows their name please elaborate) should be there for the shoelace eyelets, like in the Church's Strattons above. Second, the shape shouldn't be square in any way, but a good balance between sleek and chunky. Third, especially in suede options I prefer a natural color welt or a red Dainite.

The above shoes are still on sale on Frans Boone, in three colors. It's also one of the best looking plain toe derby I've seen, and if you're not intimidated by the quickly-wearing red brick sole I would recommend them for anyone looking for a beautifully shaped ptd. Other good options come from Meermin and if you don't mind spending ~500 Euros Alden or Tricker's will give you the best options.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Also In This Week - Meermin Double Monks

It's a good week. Not am I only going to beat my friend in tennis tomorrow morning, I also got a long-awaited package from Pepe at Meermin today. A shoe model I instantly saw I wanted when it was added to Meermin's website, I was lucky to have Pepe send over a pair for me.

This is my first pair in the Hiro last, and I have to say, it looks fantastic. The shape is elegant, slightly elongated but not aggressive. Add the nice rich whisky shade brown and they'll make a perfect friend for my denim and chinos. They also feature a Dainite sole, making them a proper winter option for us in the north.

More pictures in the weekend or next week, after I've had the chance to photograph them in daylight, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I've been looking for a good quality diver's watch for quite some time. In my current situation a Rolex Submariner isn't really an option, so I've been looking into other options that would still give me a wellmade automatic diver that looks great and will last. After a long search and weighing of different options this is what Fedex brought me yesterday.

An Armida A2 500. A proper text with a lot of photos will follow this or the next weekend, but first impression is that it's truely what I was looking for. A beautiful piece and seems like pretty fantastic quality for the price.

Monday, 4 February 2013

A Hint of Spring

Yesterday the weather was pretty great. A clear and sunny -3° C without any wind. The perfect weather to have a walk then, and create some of that vitamin D.

This is actually a very good picture of how I personally prefer my jackets to fit. A slim and complimenting silhuette without the jacket being too tight or looking too small, and more than anything a nice round and soft shoulder line that simply looks great.

Anyway, the worn items include my dark green L.B.M. 1911 moleskin jacket, a button-down SuitSupply shirt, a grey V-neck cotton vest, Incotex Red casual chinos, Equus Leather bridle leather belt and Meermin longwings. To stay warm, as almost every time I wear any kind of odd jacket, my peacoat.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bungundy Accessories

Lately I've been looking for a lightweight navy wool jacket with a very lightly padded shoulder, but haven't had any luck finding one for what my budget is. As much as I like unstructured jackets, I've started longing for a bit more variety in this respect. Anyway, here's another unstructured look from a while back. Greyish brown, navy and some burgundy accessories.

Jacket is an unstructured patch pocket jacket from Boglioli, made from a sturdy cotton fabric. Shirt from Barba Napoli, chinos from Incotex and shoes from Crockett & Jones. Accessories include a Berg & Berg shetland wool knit tie with a round tip, some patterned silk pocket square, Equus Leather bridle leather belt and burgundy Berg & Berg wool socks. On top my peacoat and a grey alpacca scarf.

I have two shirts from Barba Napoli, both in an interesting cotton/poly/stretch fabric. Normally you would only consider pure cotton shirts, but back when I lived in the States I was tempted to try these out. The thing is, when the shirts have a price tag of several hundreds (not what I paid though) you would expect the other-than-cotton materials to be there for a reason.

And they certainly are. These shirts are my best ones by far, comfortable in a hot summer day as well as during the winter. The best feature of the fabric is however that it does not wrinkle at all. These Barba shirts also have handset sleeves (if that gives you extra value, not a big deal for me to be honest) and some nice details. Truely great shirts that you can find off the American eBay for about 80-120 USD quite often. Only if the buttons didn't all fall off after a few wears.

A pocket square found from StyleForum for a mere 20 dollars some two years ago.

I think the temperature was about +2° C when these pics were shot. Having a semi-heavy cotton jacket, scarf and a woolen peacoat in that weather is actually a bit too much. Gladly we saw the sun today, as looking at these pictures I'm starting to get very bored with the constant overcast and darkness.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Military Inspired

Some time ago when visiting an H&M store I noticed an olive M-65 field jacket on a rack, and after a quick look at the price tag and the material (100% cotton) I decided to buy it without trying it on. I have to say, for the price it was a rather good jacket - the fabric feels quite good and the extra zipper in the other chest pocket is the only "styling feature". Something I still could have lived with.

Here we come to a problem often found in all these brands (H&M, Zara..) offering quite stylish and basic items without any visible logos or other unwanted features. Jackets are too short (and trousers too low-rise). So is this one. If it was an inch longer it would be totally alright, but now simply looks off in proportions and length.

Another thing, which sort of fails in this piece is the collar that is too high and without the required structure, leading it to fall all the way to your shoulders in a rather ugly fashion. A shorter collar would stay up without any problems.

Anyway, other items here include a grey cotton jumper, white button-down shirt, brown scarf, brown Aspinal of London messenger bag, some old jeans I've had a million years and my Tricker's Stows.

Apart from the two (big) problems of the jacket, I like the whole outfit quite a lot. It's also something I would say is pretty hard to screw up and that works in a casual setting from a park in Finland to SoHo in New York. An olive M-65, bd shirt and a jumper, denim and derby boots.

Once again, I find myself making the same mistake I still make sometimes. I buy stuff on impulse and against on what I've planned, often leading to something that probably isn't quite right and end up selling it before even using it properly. There was a really good article on Put This On that sided this topic on Monday, which you can find here. A good read for anyone.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

SuitSupply's S/S 13 Is Out

..aand it is pretty much as it is every year. A lot of stuff that basically looks cool and good, but almost every item has some overstyled feature that makes it a bit meh. Granted, their "fits" have improved over the last couple of years a lot, less Washington and more options with unstructured or very lightly padded shoulders. However, many of the options still retain those annoying traits, fabrics are still too shiny or with crazy patterns (for normal daily use at least).

Now, I wouldn't have bought all their stuff that I have if it was all bad. Every once in a while there is a good suit, jacket or a shirt with actually plain fabric that is an excellent buy for the price. Should there be more of that this spring and summer, I will probably get something out of this collection as well. Now that they've published a part of the SS13, I thought I'd show my favorite picks from the pre-order items and tell you why I think they rock more than the rest.

All pictures are from SuitSupply's website.

1. Copenhagen with patch pockets in green

This is not a bad combo either, just needs a different shirt.

This is my favorite by far. A fresh green that would work with a variety of colors of fabrics from navy, khaki or grey chinos to denim. The fabric looks alright in the close-ups and Copenhagen is my favorite (and actually the only one I usually even consider nowadays) fit. The new patch pockets are a nice touch for a summer jacket, even though I always liked the normal pockets as a variety from all my patch-pocketed Boglioli and Lubiam jackets.

Very tempted.

2. Soho suit in blue wool

For once they haven't stuffed seven different patterns into one catalogue shot.

This one is one that will probably be a common sight in all the menswear blogs during the summer. A nice chiq blue wool double breasted suit with a soft Italian shoulder. Actually something I have been looking for for a longer time, even if a bit lighter color than I wanted, this one might be on my list in the late spring. Doesn't look too shiny either.

3. Blue summer coat

Wish they gave this guy a pair of chukka boots instead of those for the shoot.

Thirdly, an interesting coat made of a cotton linen blend (with a touch of poly perhaps). Seemingly drawing inspiration from field jackets, it looks like a piece I could imagine myself wearing during those colder summer days that sadly we so often have up here. Something I could think of buying was it priced a bit more reasonably. 259 EUR seems a bit steep for this one.

There. Apart from those three I can't see that much I really like. If I lived in somewhere really warm, a few of those linen suits might tempt me, but at the moment they're not on my list of most needed items. In general, I'm happy to see it looks like they've killed the horrible San Diego fit they had in the current FW12/13 collection, and less happy to see that the Euro prices have clearly gone up a bit. Hopefully they will add more goodies and less Washingtons.

During the spring I will try to write more thoughts on some items, styles, collections or simply about style-related stuff when I have time. Remember to like on FB and add the blog to the list of who are allowed to send you their status updates so you will get them. No spam and only a few messages per week, but ones that all matter.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

500 and 1000

Weirdly enough, my blog on Tumblr's side reached two minor milestones on the same day - 500 posts and 1000 followers. Thank you all for your interest, feedback and support in the past months. Should you have any comments, requests or just something style-related on your mind, remember that I can always be reached with an email at contact -at-

Check out post no. 501 here.

Monday, 28 January 2013

A Casual Beige Jacket

Today's pics will demonstrate a simple way to play a casual beige cotton jacket. The colors here are quite simple and failproof, and with the right choosing of materials, textures and the heaviness of the fabrics it can be worn around the year.

The worn items include a heavy unstructured cotton twill jacket from Boglioli, blue houndstooth check spread collar shirt from SuitSupply, dark blue Incotex chinos, espresso suede chukka boots from Loake and a navy peacoat on top. Accessories consist of a navy silk knit tie by Berg & Berg, navy with white borders linen pocket square, Equus Leather bridle leather belt and brown Pantherella socks.

I usually go by a rule of only one pattern per outfit. When more are added it gets increasingly harder to pull what you wear off without making it look like a mess. More on that later. And yes, the shirt works as "the interesting detail" in this look. Where other parts do their part simply with quality materials, colors and how they fit, a subtle pattern in the shirt adds a nice touch to the overall result.

Some might perhaps argue the light colored jacket isn't for the F/W season, but I disagree. At the end of the day, it always comes down to the overall feel of the whole outfit. And I quite like this one.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Friday At Work

Friday's outfit for work. Pretty much as formal as I go at the moment, I wanted to do the green jacket green pants thing again. After wearing this jacket for months now, I must say I think it's my favorite one, at least fit-wise.

So, a Lubiam unstructured moleskin jacket, white spead collar oxford shirt, olive Incotex chinos, chestnut C&J Hallam oxfords. Accessories include a navy donegal wool Berg & Berg knit tie, white cotton pocket square, brown suede belt and navy wool socks. On top a peacoat, brown wool scarf and brown leather gloves.

Green is perhaps a bit less used color, but I think when used in less bright shades like here it works just as well as navy.

The donegal wool ties Berg & Berg had in their FW12/13 collection all had flecks of other colors as the main color. The navy one here actually has quite lot of them, varying from purple to blue and a sort of burgundy.


As a smaller detail, a brown Miansai bracelet with a silver "hook" and a camo jasper stone bracelet.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Denim and No Pocket Square

This is from some weeks ago when I had a bit of a hangover. To match the mood I went for a rather casual and comfortable look with a casual navy jacket with a denim shirt. I also opted for no pocket square, probably the first time for a very long time.

The denim shirt is from NN07, the belt from Equus Leather, chinos from Incotex, socks from Falke and shoes from Meermin. The wool hat from Norse Projects and from Nollakolme Tampere.

The denim is quite heavy, and this is by no means a shirt for any warm summer days. I had been looking for a denim shirt without ridicilously small collars for quite some time, and when I spotted this one at Mr Porter's winter sale I decided to go for it. No regrets so far.

The denim, the chunky Equus Leather bridle leather belt and the rough Incotex Red cotton twill. Really like how it all works together.

And my Meermin longwings. They've been in very heavy use and so far have only gained in character.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Prepping For Summer

We're almost in February and spring and summer are starting to knock on the door. Where as in Finland it will still take about 4 more months, a big part of my readers will most likely be enjoying the sun quite soon.

One summer item I was able to find from the winter sales, luckily, was a blogger blue cotton jacket from L.B.M. 1911. I've been looking for one for years, and gladly found one for a very reasonable price (from Yoox) in my size. The real color of this Italian piece of art is somewhere between the first and the second photograph.

The weight is good for summer and spring both, and the fit is Lubiams' unstructured 2-button one, with patch pockets. This is a piece that can be used with a variety of different items, with faded denim or beige chinos jumping into my mind first.

Naturally, it got dark in the few minutes I had to take the pictures, so the last shot is somewhat artificially lit. It does, however, show the shape of the jacket quite well. To give it a touch of summer love for the pics I've hanged a pink linen tie on it. That almost takes you out of the -18° C outside.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Navy and Red Accessories

Today was a good day. I managed to snatch a pair of Stubbs & Wootton velvet slippers for next summer, for almost no cost at all, from Mr Porter's 80% sale. Not sure how they still had my size (tends to be sold out and rarely on sale), but no matter, 400 EUR slippers for a bit over a hundred. A two year hunt for a nice pair has ended.

These shots are from last weekend. I was wearing a navy unstructured wool cotton blend jacket from SuitSupply, a striped button-down shirt with extra long collar points also from SuitSupply, cardinal red Berg & Berg wool tie, red and natural white Berg & Berg wool flannel pocket square, Equus Leather Oak Brown belt, olive Incotex chinos, red Berg & Berg wool socks and split toe derbies from Loding. In addition, I had a peacoat and brown leather gloves.

I got some messages asking me to wear this tie for some live action shots and here it is. Ties a nice knot and works perfectly with navy.

Lastly, the flannel pocket square. The super soft-looking fabric adds a nice touch to this outfit, and just looking at it makes you feel a tiny bit warmer despite all the snow and ice.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


This is from quite a long while ago, last year actually. I had realized my olive pair of Incotex chinos had been long forgotten in my closet, and decided to try out wearing it with my dark green L.B.M. jacket.

The items include a dark green L.B.M. 1911 moleskin jacket, white spread collar shirt, olive pindot tie from Berg & Berg, purple/green silk pocket square, brown suede belt, Incotex olive chinos and split toe derby shoes.

This one from Lubiams fits is pretty much my favorite of all the Italian unstructured jackets I've tried or owned. This one with it's dark green has seen a lot more use than I ever thought, and I have to say I'm quite fond of it.

Berg & Berg silk pindot tie from last year's collection.

Nothing spots the odd loose thread like a picture shot in the macro setting. Both the jacket and the pocket square had some quality time with my scissors after I saw this picture.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Today's Outfit

What I wore to the gym today. Temperature roughly -9° C.

I haven't found a new down parka from the winter sales so far, so I'm stuck with this one. Other items include a Gant Rugger button-down shirt, Equus Leather Oak Brown bridle leather belt, navy Polo Ralph Lauren corduroy trousers and Meermin longwing derbies.

Quite like the roll on these collars.

Equus Leather belt in Oak Brown and 1 1/2" width. The contrast with the navy corduroy is just fantastic.

Meermin longwings and the holdall I use as my gym bag most of the time.