Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bungundy Accessories

Lately I've been looking for a lightweight navy wool jacket with a very lightly padded shoulder, but haven't had any luck finding one for what my budget is. As much as I like unstructured jackets, I've started longing for a bit more variety in this respect. Anyway, here's another unstructured look from a while back. Greyish brown, navy and some burgundy accessories.

Jacket is an unstructured patch pocket jacket from Boglioli, made from a sturdy cotton fabric. Shirt from Barba Napoli, chinos from Incotex and shoes from Crockett & Jones. Accessories include a Berg & Berg shetland wool knit tie with a round tip, some patterned silk pocket square, Equus Leather bridle leather belt and burgundy Berg & Berg wool socks. On top my peacoat and a grey alpacca scarf.

I have two shirts from Barba Napoli, both in an interesting cotton/poly/stretch fabric. Normally you would only consider pure cotton shirts, but back when I lived in the States I was tempted to try these out. The thing is, when the shirts have a price tag of several hundreds (not what I paid though) you would expect the other-than-cotton materials to be there for a reason.

And they certainly are. These shirts are my best ones by far, comfortable in a hot summer day as well as during the winter. The best feature of the fabric is however that it does not wrinkle at all. These Barba shirts also have handset sleeves (if that gives you extra value, not a big deal for me to be honest) and some nice details. Truely great shirts that you can find off the American eBay for about 80-120 USD quite often. Only if the buttons didn't all fall off after a few wears.

A pocket square found from StyleForum for a mere 20 dollars some two years ago.

I think the temperature was about +2° C when these pics were shot. Having a semi-heavy cotton jacket, scarf and a woolen peacoat in that weather is actually a bit too much. Gladly we saw the sun today, as looking at these pictures I'm starting to get very bored with the constant overcast and darkness.

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