Sunday, 10 February 2013

Navy, Brown and Cream

Sunday lunch a week ago. Went with a navy woolen jacket with some brown and cream.

The jacket is from SuitSupply in the Copenhagen fit, so is the shirt (this time with collar bones for some sharpness), knit tie from Berg & Berg (love how it ties a knot), pocket square from Tom Ford, belt from Equus Leather, chinos from Paoloni and chukka boots from Loake.

The whole combination is rather simple and without risks, and perhaps a touch on the formal side of my style, due to the quite dressy knit tie and the silk pocket square. Also chinos are pressed and in a bit darker color than I often wear.

Pretty much a perfect knot. Where as I often don't give that much thought on how I tie my tie (meaning I'm not aiming for a single dimple in the middle), for this occasion I felt like a bit more formal tie knot would be more appropriate.

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