Monday, 28 January 2013

A Casual Beige Jacket

Today's pics will demonstrate a simple way to play a casual beige cotton jacket. The colors here are quite simple and failproof, and with the right choosing of materials, textures and the heaviness of the fabrics it can be worn around the year.

The worn items include a heavy unstructured cotton twill jacket from Boglioli, blue houndstooth check spread collar shirt from SuitSupply, dark blue Incotex chinos, espresso suede chukka boots from Loake and a navy peacoat on top. Accessories consist of a navy silk knit tie by Berg & Berg, navy with white borders linen pocket square, Equus Leather bridle leather belt and brown Pantherella socks.

I usually go by a rule of only one pattern per outfit. When more are added it gets increasingly harder to pull what you wear off without making it look like a mess. More on that later. And yes, the shirt works as "the interesting detail" in this look. Where other parts do their part simply with quality materials, colors and how they fit, a subtle pattern in the shirt adds a nice touch to the overall result.

Some might perhaps argue the light colored jacket isn't for the F/W season, but I disagree. At the end of the day, it always comes down to the overall feel of the whole outfit. And I quite like this one.


  1. Hi
    maybe not the color (I think), but the texture of the jacket might seem more of s / s. But as you say "the overall feel of the whole outfit" is nice and you have to be comfortable with what you saw. ;)
    you are brave! I do not know if I dare with a light jacket on a site so cold! here are very chilly! (almost never drops the thermometer from 0 ° C)

    1. Hey,

      I suppose. This jacket is pretty thick and heavy actually, certainly not for any warm summer day. It is actually so thick that the fabric is actually a bit stiff which you can probably see in the pictures.

      Naturally you need an overcoat on top of a jacket like this, and I've found my peacoat to be sufficient enough to keep me warm to about -15 C with a scarf. Suppose the multiple layers help a bit too.

  2. absolutely agree!
    I use a Quilted Down Vest (from ASPESI) over my jacket (if lightweight fabric), and under my coat and is a very good option to keep warm.
    J Escarpa