Thursday, 3 January 2013

Double Breasted

This one from yesterday. I went for sushi with my girlfriend, and decided to wear this double breasted jacket I had made a long time ago in China. Not the most fantastic jacket quality wise, but it does have a nice slim figure (without being too tight) and pretty OK proportions. It does provide some nice change when worn perhaps once in three months.

The other items include a light purple Barba Napoli shirt, a navy with pink silk tie, navy/purple/pink camouflage pocket square, Equus Leather bridle leather belt, Paoloni brown chinos, navy cotton socks and brown toe cap oxfords.

Haven't had this shirt on for some time. The fabric is very luxurious and the details such as the handset sleeve please the eye. Went for a a pretty casual knot, as I've grown to like more "sprezz" knots when not wearing a suit (right now all the time).

Camo pocket square from Tom Ford. Enough size even for the more extravagant folds.

C&J Hallams were my choice this time. I think I need to find a pair of toe caps with a bit less aggressive shape, but I think these still (just) work here.

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