Sunday, 27 January 2013

Friday At Work

Friday's outfit for work. Pretty much as formal as I go at the moment, I wanted to do the green jacket green pants thing again. After wearing this jacket for months now, I must say I think it's my favorite one, at least fit-wise.

So, a Lubiam unstructured moleskin jacket, white spead collar oxford shirt, olive Incotex chinos, chestnut C&J Hallam oxfords. Accessories include a navy donegal wool Berg & Berg knit tie, white cotton pocket square, brown suede belt and navy wool socks. On top a peacoat, brown wool scarf and brown leather gloves.

Green is perhaps a bit less used color, but I think when used in less bright shades like here it works just as well as navy.

The donegal wool ties Berg & Berg had in their FW12/13 collection all had flecks of other colors as the main color. The navy one here actually has quite lot of them, varying from purple to blue and a sort of burgundy.


As a smaller detail, a brown Miansai bracelet with a silver "hook" and a camo jasper stone bracelet.

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