Wednesday, 30 January 2013

SuitSupply's S/S 13 Is Out

..aand it is pretty much as it is every year. A lot of stuff that basically looks cool and good, but almost every item has some overstyled feature that makes it a bit meh. Granted, their "fits" have improved over the last couple of years a lot, less Washington and more options with unstructured or very lightly padded shoulders. However, many of the options still retain those annoying traits, fabrics are still too shiny or with crazy patterns (for normal daily use at least).

Now, I wouldn't have bought all their stuff that I have if it was all bad. Every once in a while there is a good suit, jacket or a shirt with actually plain fabric that is an excellent buy for the price. Should there be more of that this spring and summer, I will probably get something out of this collection as well. Now that they've published a part of the SS13, I thought I'd show my favorite picks from the pre-order items and tell you why I think they rock more than the rest.

All pictures are from SuitSupply's website.

1. Copenhagen with patch pockets in green

This is not a bad combo either, just needs a different shirt.

This is my favorite by far. A fresh green that would work with a variety of colors of fabrics from navy, khaki or grey chinos to denim. The fabric looks alright in the close-ups and Copenhagen is my favorite (and actually the only one I usually even consider nowadays) fit. The new patch pockets are a nice touch for a summer jacket, even though I always liked the normal pockets as a variety from all my patch-pocketed Boglioli and Lubiam jackets.

Very tempted.

2. Soho suit in blue wool

For once they haven't stuffed seven different patterns into one catalogue shot.

This one is one that will probably be a common sight in all the menswear blogs during the summer. A nice chiq blue wool double breasted suit with a soft Italian shoulder. Actually something I have been looking for for a longer time, even if a bit lighter color than I wanted, this one might be on my list in the late spring. Doesn't look too shiny either.

3. Blue summer coat

Wish they gave this guy a pair of chukka boots instead of those for the shoot.

Thirdly, an interesting coat made of a cotton linen blend (with a touch of poly perhaps). Seemingly drawing inspiration from field jackets, it looks like a piece I could imagine myself wearing during those colder summer days that sadly we so often have up here. Something I could think of buying was it priced a bit more reasonably. 259 EUR seems a bit steep for this one.

There. Apart from those three I can't see that much I really like. If I lived in somewhere really warm, a few of those linen suits might tempt me, but at the moment they're not on my list of most needed items. In general, I'm happy to see it looks like they've killed the horrible San Diego fit they had in the current FW12/13 collection, and less happy to see that the Euro prices have clearly gone up a bit. Hopefully they will add more goodies and less Washingtons.

During the spring I will try to write more thoughts on some items, styles, collections or simply about style-related stuff when I have time. Remember to like on FB and add the blog to the list of who are allowed to send you their status updates so you will get them. No spam and only a few messages per week, but ones that all matter.


  1. do you think the green Copenhagen could be worn in a work setting? With grey trousers and walnut and or tan oxfords? I have the Copenhagen cotton unstructured in navy and it's a goto item during the spring/summer, so trying to add variation to the list.

    I imagine it would def. go with navy trousers but I rarely wear those.

    1. Sure, if the textures play ball and there is enough contrast. I could see it very well with something a little "washed" like this:

      However, I would then go for more darker brown in your shoes. Tan-grey-green can be a bit hard to pull of. Also, no reason why you couldn't wear that one with some sort of white, off-white or perhaps taupe chinos as long as the casualness of the trousers matches the jacket.

      I can see you have a filming company (nice vids btw) and probably can decide what to wear quite freely? If so I would definitely think this as a good option.

  2. What do you have against their washington fit? I kinda like the Tom Ford-esque style of it, I have bought a suit and a sportcoat in that fit and I love them.


    1. Hey,

      First of all, I'm not a big fan of ticket pockets. Secondly, I think the 3/2 roll button is not something that should be in a firmly padded peaked lapel jacket. Thirdly, the shoulders are a bit too padded for my taste. Now, the Washington Half is better, but even there I can't see how the casual patch pockets and the English shoulder are to work together. Lastly, and this is jsut personal, the proportions don't work at all on a guy of my height and build. It's too narrow, too long.

      I am a fan of a normal without-gimmicks peaked lapel suit, which I have hoped for a long time to find from SuitSupply's selection, but sadly those are so hard to find.

      I like TF a lot, but for me the Washington just doesn't work in any way. And I have owned one Washington myself by the way, too. :)

  3. Wow. Where can I get that blue suit. sharp look. Simply.