Sunday, 18 November 2012

Night Out Wear

Been a while since I posted, and I'll try to catch up in the next few days. I'll also try to write some more "informative" posts, as I've got some people asking for that kind of content. Anyway, here is what I wore on Friday.

The occasion was a bit more formal, and I was trying to find a balance between a kind of classy night look and playfulness. The jacket is navy wool with a softer shoulder, the shirt a bd shirt of the more formal kind, worn with the collars unbuttoned, and a bi-color knit tie. White chinos and a midnight blue oiled suede belt.

A shot for more detail. Quite like how the collars on the shirt roll when worn like this. The tie could use a tightening, seems I was a bit sloppy re-tying it after having a haircut.

No shoe picture, but I had a pair of black plain toes and navy socks. The overall outfit was meant to be a sort of playful and modern yet classy night out outfit, and I think this one pretty much pulled it off.


  1. White pants in the aw? I always wanted to do that, just to see how people react, but I never dared. Don't you wory the trousers will get ruined at the party?


  2. They're not the best trousers I have so I don't mind them having some marks somewhere. In those places its so dark anyway that no one cars. :D

    But to your comments, yes, I don't really see night out / party wear to be that seasonal, and to my mind the white pants actually had that little something I was looking for here. I was trying to emulate what I think makes tuxes classy - the monochromatic and without any bright colors look. I was just attempting to do it with blues and in a more playful manner. :)

  3. Hi! Nice style! Where do you get your jackets from?

    1. Hey there Mickey,

      My jackets from a variety of manufacturers. This particular jacket is actually a piece of a suit from SuitSupply. If you want to know about some specific jacket just ask. :)

    2. Hey!

      Well...there is a lot of things I would like to ask about :) Jackets, trousers...:D

    3. Heh, these white trousers are from some random manufacturer. A pair I got off some season sale for perhaps 30 euros. :)

    4. I meant it rather generally :) But tell me please - where do you get your cashmere cardigans (especially that blue one) from? I am desperatele searching for some knitwear, but it's nowhere to be seen here in Czech Rep....

    5. I'm actually a bit cheap when it comes to knitwear. That's why I mostly use H&Ms jumpers, as they cost nothing and have a perfect slim cut that I like. Their designs are often quite simple and good, and for the money the quality is often good.

      The blue cardigan is from SuitSupply. I have a bit mixed feelings from their knits, as some have been really terrible. However, the cardigans this F/W season are pretty decent for the money. They are quite thin (and a friend of mine had his rip instantly from a seam), but very soft and quite warm. Not sure if they are going to last for many years though.

      Hopefully that helps. :)