Monday, 26 November 2012

Back In Form

Been a while since I posted anything with a navy odd jacket. Here's something to fix that. Last warmer days before snow arrives for good, they say.

Other items here include a blue cotton cashmere cardigan, burgundy wool silk tie, white spread collar oxford shirt, Equus Leather bridle leather belt, khaki chinos and split toe derby shoes.

The picture below is a bit off in colors, I had to use an online lighting correction and the jacket fabric looks just wrong. I'll adjust the picture when I get home to my iMac and decent software. Why I still included the picture is that I really like the knot here.

Another tasty close-up. The vintage pocket square is made of silk and has a beautiful texture.

I've worn the Loding split toe derbies for about 10-15 times now, and so far they seem to be "aging" rather well for 160 euro shoes. Socks here are medium blue heavy cotton socks.

Edit 27.11.2012. Some pictures have had their lighting adjusted slightly.


  1. Nice outfit.

    Is the jacket made in cotton or..?
    Hard to see the fabric

    1. Hey Per,

      It's a cotton wool blend. Quite thick, very warm and has a fantastic texture. :)

  2. Sorry for the lack of comments lately, I still visit your blog every day but I've been super busy.

    This outfit is perhaps one of the best so far, lovely mixture of seasonal colurs. The pocket square is beautiful


    1. Thank man, appreciate it. I like this one a lot as well. :)