Monday, 7 January 2013

Afternoon Walk

I haven't really worn this piece that much lately. I had it on last week, and I have to say, it is a very warm piece of clothing. The weather was around zero, and the jacket could've easily handled something around -10 with a scarf.

So, the jacket is from Eleventy. A very nice piece that I haven't worn nearly enough. I've been meaning to shorten the sleeves for about two months, but never got around to do it. This time I settled at just rolling up the sleeves.

Other items here include a bengal stripe bd shirt with long collar points, red and navy silk tie, espresso Equus Leather bridle leather belt, dark blue Incotex chinos, red heavy wool socks from Berg & Berg and espresso suede chukka boots from Loake.

And the socks..


  1. Hello from Spain. As you bought some Boglioli jackets from Threedifferent, may I know wether this brand runs large or it stands in its sizes? I am thinking about buying one of them but I am not sure which size I should choose. Actually, I use 58 in Spain, if this can help.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. The Boglioli sizing must be the most asked question I've had in a while. :)

      I wouls day that the Coat fit is about true-to-size, but there seems to be variations within the fit. With K-Jacket I would say it is perhaps large-to-size, but mainly in length. The shoulder width is about the same as with the others, but the hem and the sleeves are longer.

      If you look at the answers to other visitors' comments you might find some of them helpful. :)

    2. Thanks for your answer. As you seem to have the same interest as me on shoes, may I suggest you Herring brand is a very good one and their shoes age extremely well with very accurate prices.
      It´s nice to change impressions with someone sharing the same tastes.

    3. Thanks for the tip, but their shoes are a bit too English to my taste. I own the Gladstones from the ones that have been manufactured by Cheaney, and they are of very good quality (as Cheaney is). However, I'm not very keen on their aesthetics and my taste has gone more towards more French, Spanish and American. For example, Meermin and Carmina have very pretty shoes that in my opinion fit my style much better than most English shoes. (To give them some credit, I bought my Gladstones two years ago when they were 220 pounds, so they are OK value for that money.)

      I have to say though, C&J is still one of my favorite brands, and Tricker's has some nice models that go well with what I'd like to call my more casual and street combinations. :)

      You can see the Herrings/Cheaneys here btw:

    4. But yes, it's always great to talk with people with similar taste and preferrance. :)