Sunday, 6 January 2013

Another Go At One of My New Bogliolis

I noticed an issue wearing this jacket a few days ago for the first time. The lapel roll wasn't really perfect, so I thought I'd wear it again today when visiting my family for a Sunday lunch. Just to see if it was just in the pics that were taken earlier.

And fair enough, it looked much better now. The lapels having a slightly less elegant roll, however, is I think a kind of a feature of sturdy and thick cotton. I've seen the same thing in pretty much all similar jackets.

The other items include a SuitSupply flannel gingham check shirt, light blue wide silk knit tie, Turnbull & Asser pocket square, Equus Leather bridle leather belt in Australian Nut, Incotex dark blue chinos, ribbed light blue cotton socks and Loake Pimlico chukka boots in espresso suede.

Quite like the weave and the color on the Boglioli jacket. Works around the year excluding warm summer days.

I've pretty much started using my peacoat as an overcoat. With my current style that does not really include suits I think it works well. A peacoat with metallic buttons or extra pockets would not be as good, but this one (from SuitSupply as well) in it's deep navy color, horn buttons and perhaps a slightly longer length has a good combination of casual and formal.


  1. I really appreciate your blog. It gives me inspiration!

    /a Swede

  2. i also bought two of these on your recommendation. they should arrive next week. there seems to be different lines, "coat" which is cotton or linen, "k-jacket" which is wool or cashmere. what are yours? i would like to see fit pics of all of them, i think this grey one looks a bit long for my taste. are all "coat" in this fit? have no prior experience of bogliolis, but took a chance because of the bargain price.

    1. Yes, it was a big hard to see what was what when ordering. The K-Jacket is usually longer, has longer sleeves and is not as slim as the Coats, but I can see some differences between the Coat fit jackets as well.

      This one (brown actually) is pretty much normal for my liking. The light blue one from the Coats that I got is shorter and slimmer, where as the beige one is the same as this one. The K-Jacket is as promised - longer, with longer sleeves and roomier.

      Hopefully you like yours. If you think this one is too long, I'd be interested to know what jackets do you usually use? I usually prefer a slightly shorter jacket and I don't think this is really any longer than most of other ones.

      Anyway, nice to have your comments.

  3. Pristine outfit, you are always bang on! The city background for the pics looks nice too. Hope you had a nice new year party!