Saturday, 5 January 2013


Picked up my new Bogliolis on from my tailor and thought I'd wear one of them right off the rack.

The lapel roll seems a bit off in the pictures, going to have to see what's up with it the next time I'm wearing it. The fit of the size 48 Coat series is pretty damn bang on for me, and the only thing I had done was the shortening and slimming (just from the end near the cuff) of the sleeves. The cotton in this one is quite sturdy, good for all four seasons in my opinion, bearing in mind that a Finnish summer day can be +10° Celsius and windy. The color is perhaps not the most winterish, but close enough for me.

The other items here include a white button-down shirt, white cotton pocket square, Equus Leather bridle leather belt, raw denim from Nollakolme Tampere, blue Berg& Berg wool socks (that are actually on sale at B&B right now) and Meermin longwings.

Not really a massive fan of this shirt. However, every now and then it does what it supposed to do when I need a casual white shirt.

The grained Meermin longwings are still going strong despite the miserable weather we've had lately. I love pairing them with most of my chinos, but they work especially well with dark raw denim. The blue melange wool socks are actually the only splash of color in the whole outfit.


  1. I think that outfit works really well. Good combinatio for the weekend or a casual day at work.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, that's exactly what it's planned for. :)

  2. Been a fan of your blog for a couple of months now. Really like your style and your perfect fitted sportcoats!
    A question, I’m planning to invest in my first Boglioli jacket, how is the sizing of those, you said 48 is nearly perfect for you. I usually wear 48 in my other jackets but I’m pretty tall, 1.88 cm(with thin body) so I don’t want my jacket to run short, maybe size up to 50?
    How tall are you if its possible to ask?:)

    Cheers from Sweden


    1. Hey there,

      I'm 174cm, so I would definitely advise for size 50 (if not 52 and then have it narrowed from the shoulders). Then again, the K-Jacket fit has longer arms and hem than their other models. Probably even long enough for you, as they were about 8cm too long for me. Shoulder-wise I would say a 48 Bogli fits a guy with around 45-46cm shoulders, with some reservations. Hopefully that helps.

      Anyway, thank you very much. :)