Monday, 17 September 2012

Pinstripes and Blood Red

As always, Monday calls for a suit. A rule I've set to keep myself in line in this country of quite informal clothing. As I don't necessarily have to wear one, I certainly can and like to at least in the beginning of the week. Today it was pinstripes and blood red.

I've gained a few pounds, both hard and soft, towards the end of the summer, and frankly it kind of shows. Even though it isn't no where near of what this picture shows (I'm walking at a pace and the wind is pushing the other side open), meaning it doesn't pull when standing still in the classic robot pose, I think I will still have it let out just a bit. Even though I prefer a tight fit that when moving a lot will show pulls and wrinkles, this one is now is now nearing the limit of where I feel comfortable and good in general. And when you don't feel comfortable and like your confident self it's time to bring out the scissors.

Anyway, it is still a good example of how to use bright red. I have to say I really like how the color pops up from the white shirt and the white border of the pocket square. Furthermore, the color with the pinstripe and black semi brogue oxford shoes create quite a power combination. I like.

And remember to keep your shoes clean and in good shine. Dirty shoes aren't good looking.

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