Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Something Different

This post might be a bit radical compared to my normal texts, but here we go. I decided to start running after a few years break due to a few operations to my knee. Naturally the situation called for new running shoes.

Those interested, the shoes are Nike LUNARFLY TR GTX Ms I ended up choosing partly because of the design but most of all the because of how they fit to my feet. Furthermore, this particular model has a bit rougher pattern so I hope it will cope better with the Finnish winter.

For the vanity factor I also bought of a pair of Nike running gloves (Makes me chuckle to even say it, who needs special gloves for running?) that were on sale for EUR 9. At home and to my surprise I found out they actually had a useful feature - a nice little pocket where you can put your keys into while running. Clever.

I swear this to be the only sportswear-related entry at least before christmas. Hands on my wardrobe.


  1. Didn't espect that outfit photos :).I'ts a nice outfit colour wise but I usually prefer cotton pants and hoodies/t-shirts when I workout. Don't you find polyester stuff unconfortable?


  2. Heh, I just like something that keeps me warm and dry. Cotton I feel doesn't really do it as well as the new breathing materials well layered. For gym cotton is the best though. :)

  3. I agree. Technological advances have really changed workout wear...and sportswear in general. I would gladly wear a Nike Dri-Fit golfing shirt when playing a round of golf than a standard cotton shirt because when wet, cotton has a tenacity to stick to the body, wilst the newer materials are far better at wicking moisture and drying faster. I'd rather feel as though I am working out rather than feel like the bowl of pasta I am avoiding!

    C.L. Young

  4. Yep. I think especially in cold climate modern layered sportswear is superior to old school cotton.