Sunday, 9 September 2012


Today's pictures are actually from last weekend, when I was testing my new fall jacket. A blend of virgin wool and cotton in a relaxed cut and unstructured shoulders. I decided to pair it with khaki chinos and a blue houndstooth shirt I've really grown to like lately.

The jacket is from SuitSupply and I'll admit, after a few uses I fear the fabric has some of the same qualities their cashmere blend knits have. The wool part of the fabric seems very fragile and it tends to leave some fibers on your shirt and trousers. That said, it is wonderfully soft and warm and has an amazing texture to it. Even looking at it makes you feel warm, and I think it will prove to be a useful piece in my wardrobe.

As you can see below, the fit of a 38S/48IT is bang on from the box. It is actually just as I remembered it would be from trying one Copenhagen fit jacket in NYC earlier, and only the sleeves will need some shortening. Oh, and I might change the buttons. The glossy greyish navy ones aren't really what I want from a rough and warm textured navy odd jacket. What this one needs is some dark brown unpolished horn buttons. Mmm.

Accessories that day included a nice terracotta knit tie and a silk pocket square from Berg & Berg with light blue and orange paisley pattern. A normal puff for a change, and no fancy folds or twirls. I really like how the colors and especially textures work and balance each other here.

Still had my tassel loafers that day. The day I put them into winter storage will be horrible, as they've probably grown to be my favorite pair of shoes. Also, always remember to press your trousers to give them te right shape before leaving home.

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