Thursday, 13 September 2012

Recent Combinations

Here are some recent combinations with hi-res pics. It's nice to see my old Canon EOS 350D still does its job.

First off a light brown wool silk blend square worn with a navy wool suit.

Then, grey cashmere wool blend with a chocolate brown silk square.

My Hickey Freeman charcoal pinstripe suit with a rust-colored woolen square. This is actually from today.

An old and a bit shitty Prince of Wales check jacket (yes, it's 10% polyester) with a light blue with burgundy silk square.

And last, my cotton db suit with a purple with greens and white silk square.

More good stuff towards the end of the week!


  1. Nice! I like the texture in the wool-cash grey jacket. Is it the one from a few posts back, with the corduroy pants? It looks really cool from up close.


    1. Hey,

      Yes, that's indeed the same jacket. The fabric is certainly nice and works all the way down to about -0 Celsius. The only negative side is the fragility of the cashmere..

    2. I don't know, how can you tell the quality of the cashmere? I have a 100%cash v-neck sweater I bought at a PoloRL outlet(original retail price was 400euro) and I can't tell the difference between it and a cheap ass MassimoDutti cashmere sweater. They are both fragile.


    3. I guess only by wearing it.

      I think the differences come from the quality of the fibers (their length etc) and how well the knitting has been done. There are clear differences though, if you take a H&M cashmere sweater and compare it to a similar one by Loro Piana. And maybe that's a bit too obvious, but already in the knits I own there are big differences in how much they tend to fall apart when worn. My SuitSupply knits are by far the worst, and this jacket is somewhere in the middle I suppose.

      Then again, I have to admit I'm not a cashmere expert.

  2. One request: Please tell us where you bought each pocket square.....

    1. Hello Ray,

      With pleasure. Here we go:

      1. SuitSupply

      2. Gieves & Hawkes

      3. SuitSupply

      4. Robert Talbott, bought from Styleforum

      5. Robert Talbott, bought from Styleforum

      Hopefully that helps.

      Best regards,