Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New Coat

Basically the first time wearing the pea coat I got last week. I like the deep navy color and the fabric a lot, but there are some changes I think I'm going to have have done.

First of all, I would prefer my pea coat about 2-3 centimeters shorter. Second, even though it is good to have room under a coat there is just too much of it here. The shoulders are wide as if people were supposed to wear odd jackets under pea coats. They're not. The shoulders are getting a small fix.

The other items here include a shabby red wool tie, white blue gingham shirt, light grey alpacca scarf and khaki chinos.

Opted for heavy blue cotton socks this time. My split toe derbys should arrive any day now, finally to get a bit more rotation.

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  1. Nice outfit as always, what brand is the peacoat?


    1. Hey, it's from SS. Pretty good but too long. Luckily that's easily fixed.

    2. Is there a SuitSupply store near you or do you buy all online? I noticed you have a lot of SS stuff, but I'm hesitant to buy online without trying it on first.

    3. Hey,

      And nope. I have to buy 99% of my stuff online anyway, due to the lack of decent stores here in Finland. However, even though I have to alterate some of my stuff, I would most likely have to do it anyway. Ready-To-Wear rarely fits perfectly, no matter if it's bought online or from a store.