Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sunday's Outfit

We had a nice Sunday lunch with some friends last week. The weather was about +7 and I opted for a comfortable and fairly casual outfit.

The jacket is the same as in my last post, the only jacket I had with me on the weekend trip. The shirt is a white oxford cotton spread collar shirt and the knit a new one I just found from H&M. Quite a pretty knit for 29 EUR, thin enough to be worn under a jacket but warm enough for even the colder days. The pocket square is a simple cream linen square, which actually now kind of conflicts with the white shirt. Seemed like a good idea back then without a mirror and looking at the colors of the knit.

A close-up for some texture goodness.

Again and as always, I was wearing an Equus Leather bridle leather belt. This one is in color Dark Havana, and is really the perfect match for the dark suede chukka boots. Just love how the thick bridle leather adds that extra bit of quality and ruggedness to the overall look.

The denim is the same raw denim I've been wearing all the time. The fit is bang on, they've really molded on me now and I have to say I really love wearing them. However, I have been thinking of getting a new pair of darker raw denim. If any of you have good ideas I'm open for suggestions, doesn't need to be selvedge and the weight of the fabric might be something around 14 Oz.

Next posts will include some true accessories porn in the form of tasty shots of some new ties, pocket squares and socks I've just received, without forgetting the usual outfit posts.


  1. I follow your blog every single day since 2 mounths ago. I like so much¡¡
    I suggest you for a new pair of raw denim this brand . Mauro Grifoni. The quality is great and the prices are good as well.

    1. Glad you like it. Make sure to like on FB as well :)

      Also thank you, I'll look into these jeans, thanks for the tip.

  2. Re: New denim: I suggest you take a look at Superdenim (; amidst all the elitism lie some very good recommendations :)


  3. Ha! I have the same sweater!


  4. hello. i just stumbled across your blog and must say you have some style. what is the brand of this jacket?!?!?!? im absolutely in love with it!

    1. Hey there!

      Thank you and glad you like. Make sure to check back regularly. :)

      This jacket is from SuitSupply, but sadly it isn't on sale anymore.


    2. damn :( it looks amazing and you pull it off well. any suggestions for something similar? like the texture? Thanks!

    3. They do have this, which is the same fit, but the texture isn't the same I'm afraid.,en,pd.html?start=17&cgid=Jackets