Thursday, 23 August 2012

Almost Friday

Today's details. My Hickey Freeman charcoal pinstripe suit, pink contrast collar shirt, navy 7-fold silk tie with pink squares, white cotton pocket square and black plaintoe oxfords.

Some thoughts on my choices, the shirt especially. I used to wear a lot more contrast collar shirts, now only very rarely. To be honest, I just put this shirt on today as I had been lazy at ironing my shirts the last few days and it was the only one ready. I have to admit they are a bit of a Wall Street trader's (or a wannabe's, like in my case) style gimmick, perhaps mostly because of Gordon Gekko. Anyway, I still like them a lot as a part of otherwise simple combinations, like here.

What I don't like is the collars. They are too narrow and the collar points a bit too short. They're not a disaster, but could be a lot better. However, I made up a perfect plan today. I'm gonna make this my next grand DIY project and sew hidden buttons behind the collars. This way I can force them into a nice roll and hopefully transform the shirt from a bit too fashion-forward into a cool hidden bd-collar shirt. The tie is Versace found from StyleForum some years ago. Works here well, in my opinion.

One day to go, so muster your remaining strength folks - tomorrow evening is just behind the corner.

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