Saturday, 18 August 2012

Less Is More

On Friday I decided to go for simplicity. Perhaps because I wanted to break out my new pair of raw denim from Indigofera, but hey, who wouldn't want to wear a new pair of jeans.

 I decided to go with my L.B.M. cotton jacket, as it has the qualities to go well with jeans, but I must admit it did leave me thinking if the lack of contrast between the upper and the lower half. In the first picture that looks like a problem, but I would say that the greatly different textures (love the broken twill weave in the jeans) it did work quite well in the real world.

As simple was the theme, I went for a basic white cotton pocket square with a nice relaxed fold, and as brown suede is just sex when worn with dark raw denim, my Alden sude belt and loafers were a certain choice.

Think I have to clean my shoes again. Pff. I admit the jeans are about a centimeter too wide from the leg opening for these shoes, but it was good enough for their first night out. I've got them to be worn with heavier boots anyway, so tapering is not an option.


Anyways, it's only Saturday now, so let's keep enjoying the weekend and be sure to check back soon. Some heavy stuff coming tomorrow and Monday!


  1. Enjoy all your posts. Your style collection is remarkable!

  2. Sir... what I actually meant to say was... that your personal style is remarkable!