Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Orange and navy.

Here’s a set I had on me a while ago, and I thought to share it also here on Blogspot as well.

The idea here was to go for a 50% playful summer look and 50% work wear (or what is OK for my office at least).  The unstructured navy lightweight cotton jacket gives a relaxed yet quite crisp feel with its soft shoulder and deep color. The shirt’s soft and beautifully rolling collars (collar bones removed) complement the overall relaxed look, and the subtle grey hued gingham adds a touch of texture to the other mainly plain colors. White pants are always a simple way of adding a touch of flair, but in contrast to other brighter colors in the way that it actually highlights the other colors in its own simplicity.

Other components include a 7-fold E. Marinella silk tie in a bright summer orange hue, with a slightly burnt orange colored pocket square. A simple white linen square with orange or sky blue borders could also work here very well. The belt is a navy suede belt, less formal than a normal calf skin belt, and in my opinion works well with the more casual and playful tassel loafers than a normal navy leather belt would. The shoes themselves are the most unconventional part of the whole set, but in their dark color they don’t draw much attention from those that aren’t interested in such things. However, every style-conscious woman will give you another look to put you into that summer feeling.

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