Monday, 6 August 2012

Double Breasted Flair

Just got this back from the tailor from some alterations, and wore it right away on Friday. A double breasted cotton suit with a nice and relaxed cut. Shoulders are slightly padded, but still retain a natural look. I'd been searching for a light grey unstructured patch pocket db suit for ages, but just couldn't find one for a reasonable price so I settled for this one. The color is just right, after some tailoring the fit is good and overall I'm quite happy. If it just had patch pockets..

On Friday I decided to pair this with a white semi-spread collar shirt, E. Marinella silk tie and a Turnbull & Asser pocket square. I personally think this is pretty bang on for work, but for a more casual Saturday walk downtown or other more casual occasions it would work well with a rougher linen or cotton tie. Some bracelets to add a touch of fun and kill of the remains of the thought that double breasted always equals to formal, stiff or boring.

Finally, the trousers and the shoes. I opted for two inch cuffs and tapered the legs slightly slimmer than in any of my wool suits. This is mostly just a personal preference, the way cotton works as a material calls for a bit slimmer leg and leg opening especially in my opinion. In this case, I wore my Alden tassel loafers and navy socks to keep things relaxed and simple.

I'm really going to start looking for a light grey or olive one with patch pockets for next summer. Cotton db is simply the sex!

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