Thursday, 16 August 2012

This Week's eBay Item

This week there was another treat coming from eBay. On Sunday I found just the perfect pair of Polo Ralph Lauren corduroy trousers from England for just 45 pounds plus shipping 11 pounds. To my surprise I received the garment already on Wednesday. So, 2.5 business days. That’s pretty fast international shipping for 11 pounds. These go for 149 euros in the stores here in Finland, and it’s usually quite hard to find PRL from European eBays, and I hate customs fees and extra taxes, so I’m pretty happy with this find.

The pair is navy and fits perfectly from the waist and upper legs. The only thing I have to get done is the usual one, tapering the legs. The fabric feels of very good quality and the color is deep and nice, just like the ones I’ve tried on before. The details are very good as well. The quality aspect makes me especially happy as I was already prepared to go to H&M to buy a pair from them. Now I ended up paying not much more from an item of totally different quality.

So, what to wear these with? Cords are traditionally related strongly with Ivy-inspired clothing, and also work well with many kinds of street wear. Expect to see some combos with my brogue boots when the temperatures drop again.

I was meaning to write about fall shoe trends and the shoe types that I think will be just pure awesome the upcoming season, but I’ve noticed some problems with the pair I received. I’ll hold off on that for a few days till I get things sorted out with the company I bought them from.

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