Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Fall 2012 Shoe Trends Part I – Brogue Boots Examined

Every year when the summer nears its end, I start favoring more rough and rugged clothes. As the dress code is not that strict where I work and is almost non-existent at the Finnish Universities (no Nike running shorts though, thank God), wearing more work wear and street inspired clothing is no problem (especially on Fridays). For countries with stricter dress codes you can still rock this stuff off the clock, when you take your dog for a walk, for example.

So, here is the first hot shoe model for the fall 2012.

Previously I've only owned one pair of good boots, Stows made by Tricker’s in England. Tricker’s is known for producing top-end quality country boots and derby shoes. My pair is in color "acorn", a beautiful but perhaps slightly delicate color that pops out of the usually dark hues of fall. I’ve also had a belt made from a similar London Tan tone bridle leather by Equus Leather. A belt whose color compliments these boots perfectly.


However, for a long time I’ve been planning on getting a pair made in a slightly slimmer last and in dark brown, espresso-like color. As the winter in Finland consists of a lot of snow, slush and salt on the roads, I decided to purchase a cheaper pair that doesn’t mind a lot of punishing and also doesn’t break my heart if they get scratched a few times. Many of these boots come with (usually double, though) leather soles, which is fine for, say, San Francisco or Northern Italy, but won’t do up here. For places like mine you want to go with boots equipped with Dainite rubber soles. So, from the various options that tick all the boxes I ended up in the Loake Litchfields that were well-priced at 139 GBP.


So, how to wear such shoes? My two favorites are either corduroy trousers or just denim. Last week I bought a nice pair of raw denim and some time before that I found a perfect navy pair of Polo Ralph Lauren corduroys from eBay (just 55 pounds incl. shipping, pretty good). The raw denim can be seen below, and corduroys will star in many fall combinations soon enough.

So, for sturdy, warm and stylish fall and winter shoes you will want to go with a nice pair of wingtip brogue boots. Colors vary from tan to black and the lasts from semi-sleek to ultra-heavy, so there is certainly a pair waiting for you. Brands that I can recommend start from Loake, Barker and Cheaney with the top-end including such brands as Tricker’s or Church’s. Avoid fashion brand boots (Hugo Boss, Tiger of Sweden etc.) as they are made from totally crappy materials and also look pretty pathetic. A country boot like this needs a proper welt that you will only find a GoodYear-welted shoe. This item will be hot this fall, but will remain a stylish and properly rugged piece of a modern and stylish man’s wardrobe for years to come.

Part II next week, and more to come still this week.

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  1. Hei, ensinnäkin kiva blogi sulla!

    Mistä ostit Loake Litchfieldsit 139 punnalla? Ja mistä ylipäätään Loakea löytää halvimmalla?

    Toinen kysymys, mikä kuvassa oleva ruskea neule on kyseessä?

    Kiitos etukäteen.

    1. Moro ja kiitos!

      Litchfieldit tilasin Skotlannista BrogueShoessilta alesta, mutta lähes samaan hintaan saat nuo kengät Juhlagalleriasta Tampereelta, joka myy Loakea oikeastaan brittien alennushintoihin koko ajan (189e-199e).

      Kyseinen neuletakki on H&M:stä, eikä tehnyt isoa lovea lompakkoon.