Sunday, 12 August 2012

Warm wool, cashmere and country brogues. The fall is coming.

This week was already horribly cold here in Finland. Temperatures close to 10 Celsius and a freezing wind. Despite that me and my girlfriend visited our family at the summer cabin. Had something more country-inspired and warm on me.

A cashmere blend patch pocket jacket, a navy cashmere (I just hate cheap cashmere, this one is falling apart just wearing it) vest, a white button-down shirt and a silk tie with a bit rougher texture. Woolen pocket square in fall colors.

After losing some weight and especially having had more aerobic training instead of gym, I have to admit the fit on the jacket is a bit off. The right shoulder is about 0.5cm too wide and both the sleeves and the waist need some taking in, I think. Have to give it a bit more time and see if it can be fixed. On the other hand, really love how the tie pops up from the bd-collars and the vest. For some reason I'm always drawn to more Ivy-inspired things when the temperatures start falling.

Basic beige chinos as trousers and Tricker's country boots. I think darker boots would've worked better with the other colors, but my Litchfield's haven't arrived yet and I felt the weather called for something a bit heavier.

Thank God Saturday was warm again.

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