Sunday, 16 December 2012

Another Light Brown and Blue

I've worn this jacket a couple of times now, and even though it works with many colors I have to admit blue fits it the best. Here's something from last weekend.

Items include a Paoloni light brown flannel odd jacket, white spread collar shirt, light blue cashmere vest from Banana Republic, darkish blue Incotex chinos, split toe derbies and a navy paisley pocket square.

Love how the jacket fits, having just enough room for a lightweight vest too. The white shirt keeps the look fresh and simple.

The pocket square is from some Italian brand, bought from St. Petersburg by my sister some years ago. A nice touch here I think, as the light blue in the paisley patterns compliments the vest in a beautiful manner.

The Loding split toe derbies are both dressy and casual enough for the outfit. A double monk pair I have coming in from Meermin would work here as well. The socks are ribbed thick cotton and light blue.

And, I had my peacoat on to stay warm. I was against wearing it with these chinos at first, but after some thinking I didn't really care about them being navy and darkish blue. Enough contrast for it be worn as an overcoat and that's that. 


  1. Hi again :) I really like your blog. Few questions, does it warm to walk with such shoes on snow? Also I noticed that you don’t wear scarf – why? You don’t like them or it just not cold enough at the moment? Nice coat. 

    1. These shoes have a heavy rubber sole, so they are perfect for this kind of weather. Also, as the streets are always plowed there is really no need for boots normally.

      Also, I do wear a scarf if it's windy or closer to -10° Celsius. When this picture was taken it was just about -3° C, and I was almost too warm with the jacket and the coat.

      Somitimes I take the scarf off for photos though, so that you could actually see something in the pictures. :)

  2. :) thanks for explanation. I also wear similar pea coat (only black), and because next week temperature will drop to -25 ° C I need to find hat. I saw in previous pictures of your, that you wear simple blue wool hat, so what hat could you recommend to wear with black pea coat?

    1. -25°, where's that? Hopefully not here. :D

      Anyway, I would go for a charcoal wool hat if your pea coat was black.

  3. in Lithuania :) Small country near Baltic Sea. It's crazy, because my country located few hundred kilometres in the south then yours, but it colder here. :)

  4. Heh, I know where Lithunua is. I've been there several times. :)

    It's those shitty freezing winds from Siberia that are getting us both frozen to death my friend.

    Anyway, I would personally go for a navy peacoat, but if I had a black one, I'd get a charcoal wool hat. :)