Thursday, 27 December 2012

Moleskin and Corduroy

My Christmas Eve wear. Warm winter fabrics and darker seasonal colors.

A dark green LBM 1911 moleskin jacket, thick white and blue gingham spread collar shirt, green silk blend floral tie, light brown wool pocket square, brown (Australian Nut) Equus Leather bridle leather belt, navy corduroy trousers and espresso chukka boots. On top my navy peacoat.

A unstructured jacket, as is my choice pretty much always. The soft natural lines just look better than heavy padding that has been used to hide poor tailoring and fit.

A wool pocket square from SuitSupply's FW11/12 collection. Not the best square quality-wise, and way too small for any pocket, luckily it sticks to the moleskin very well keeping it at the right place and shape.

A camo jasper and a pink aventurine bracelets, in 6mm and 8mm diameter respectively.

The corduroy trousers simply refuse to make a good photo. In real life the color is still quite beautiful, a very dark and deep navy.

The Pimlicos have proved to be far better than I expected. Good for almost any occasion due to their "hybrid" shape.


  1. I was starting to wonder if you didn't like corduroy trousers, since it is one of my favourite fabrics for winter trousers.

    Regarding jackets I agree with you. Unless for very skinny men an unstructured looks much better.

    I recently purchased a dark green/grey jacket form a portuguese brand called Decenio. They are quality items for fair money.

    The photos on their site are not very great but check for yourself:

    1. I do, but they're not that versatile if you want to avoid certain ivy vibes, in my opinion. With some items they work well with a more Italian style, but there is always that risk of going too far into English country or ivy without meaning to.

      I couldn't even browse the items on their site. Thanks for the tip though, I'll give them a look when I see them somewhere. :)

  2. Your selection of shirt, jacket and shoes are awesome. You look perfect.