Tuesday, 25 December 2012


This one is from last week. I went for a a semi-casual look that has an odd-jacket.

The jacket is a light brown herringbone flannel jacket from Paoloni, shirt a chambray shirt from SuitSupply, the tie an unlined cashmere tie from Polo Ralph Lauren, belt a bridle leather belt from Equus Leather, raw denim from Nollakolme Tampere and espresso chukka boots from Loake.

An unstructured jacket is the way to go especially when it comes to more casual outfits. The fit on this one is quite perfect, and I think it will just get better on time as the fabric sets on me a little bit over time.

A white pocket square was my choice here, just to keep things simple and fresh.

A sandstone bracelet (and another one made of various stuff) add a nice touch to the overall look.


  1. Hi, there are others who are also interested in the discounted Bogliolis. Could you give a hint, please? Sizewise we are different, so we are not competing for the same jackets ;) Take care!

    1. Hey there and of course, I got mine already on Friday and from Threedifferent. Anyway, it was a bit of a special situation, a risk if you would, as the jackets were with slight imperfections. However, they have a selection of Boglioli's best jackets for just 59 Euros a piece (even those 100% cashmere ones that usually retail for like 3k Euros!).

      I couldn't resist as many of the colors were pretty fantastic as well, so I looked for jackets that seemed to have almost non-existent flaws and got a few. If the imperfections turn out to be too big I can always return them anyways. :)

    2. Thanks for the info! What about the Paoloni jacket you wear here, is it true to size or smallish? According to yoox you should take one size larger than normal. Do you agree? What is your take on Bogliolis and Lbm's sizewise, are they true to size? Thanks again!

    3. The Paoloni is really quite small. I'd say it is about as slim from the sleeves and the body as one size smaller LBM 1911. However, the sleeves and the proportions are about the same as a Lubiam of the same size. But yes, this Paoloni is definitely the smallest size 48 jacket I've ever even tried on. Hopefully that helps. :)

    4. I questioned the same thing here some weeks ago regarding this Paoloni jacket and ordered one size bigger (50) than usual (48). That's the way to go since it is a small jacket, particularly around shoulders and biceps.