Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wool Hat for Winter

This post is a bit more local and mostly written for my fellow Finns, but hopefully will also give some ideas for my readers in other countries.

The item I've gotten the most questions about, hands down, is my often used pair of raw denim. I think I've gotten nearly a hundred questions asking where I got them and who made them. Well, the answer is a quite recently opened great streetwear store in my home city Tampere, called Nollakolme. The store has by far the best selection of denim in Tampere, easily one of the best in Finland, and also packs a selection of quality knits and other items usually quite hard to find. On top of that, they also have a webstore that delivers to Finland.

I've been there a few times since buying my denim,  every time having a nice chat with the owner. Recently I've been thinking about a new pair of jeans and thought I'd have another visit this week. At the end of my visit he was kind enough to give me a wool hat I had my eyes on.

The hat is 100% virgin wool and made by Norse Projects, a Danish company more known in the streetwear scene. I think it will be pretty perfect to be used with my pea coat or even some of the rougher odd jackets, such as the navy wool cotton one or my new dark green moleskin one. I'm one of those people who think a wool hat can work well with odd jackets, provided all the components are on the same level of "roughness" and formality. When it's -20° Celsius and windy, there aren't any real options either, at least none that don't make me feel like I'm from the 1920s.

And yes, the tag has to go. After it's removed though, this is one of the coolest wool hats I've come across.

Anyway, enjoy your Saturday. Tomorrow I'll have another outfit and another one on Monday, as the habbit goes.


  1. I really like a hat+heavy scarf and odd jacket type of outfit, I wear that sort of outfit a lot. This hat will work lovely with your pea coat also. Btw, I think I'm gonna buy that pea coat too, can't beat it for the price


    1. Hey there and I agree. I have a friend also who is thinking of buying this same pea coat, there aren't many options for the price. Just remember that it runs quite long for a pea coat.

  2. In Canada a knitted hat with no brim is called a tuque, not to be confused with a toque. Practical head gear.

    1. Hey Peter, this is an interesting fact, thanks. :)