Thursday, 6 December 2012

Indepence Day

First of all, happy Independence Day for all the Finns. I visited some relatives for some minor festivities, and opted for some seasonal colors and warm fabrics.

The first time I decided to wear the woolen Prince of Wales check tie from Berg & Berg, and it ties a pretty knot like a quality unlined wool tie should. The other pieces include a LBM 1911 unstructured dark green moleskin jacket, white spread collar shirt, Berg & Berg pocket square, Incotex blue chinos, blue socks and split toe derbies.

This picture is just to show to fit, I was wearing an overcoat in reality. In reality though, I think this jacket would be just fine for temperatures around zero degrees Celsius, provided I had a scarf and a knit underneath. The moleskin is quite thick and warm, and the fabric soft to touch. One issue though that I only noticed in the pictures is the roll around the highest button. Seems there might be some issues there, and might need a gentle pressing.

I'm quite happy with the colors here, the dark green, white and burgundy work well together and the tie with it's blue and burgundy accents really ties everything together. Also the fabrics, moleskin, wool, oxford cotton and flannel all work well for the season.

Love how soft the tie is. Took me one practice knot to get used to the lightness of the material, but after that it has really become one of my winter favorites. Perhaps the most versatile fall/winter tie I own.

Ah, just fantastic color-wise. Dark green and burgundy always bring it home.


  1. Superb jacket, green is so rare! Lovely outfit alltogether, nice job!


    1. Yeah, I'm actually very happy with this purchase. The cheapest and maybe the coolest LBM 1911 jacket I've found. 134 euros for this is almost a joke.

  2. I agree. Amazing outfit. I think it's your best yet.

    The way the tie, pocket square and jacket compliment each other is perfect.

    1. Thank you very much!

      And I agree, the colors are great together and the fabrics mirror the season very well. Anyway, always a pleasure to receive feedback so thank you.