Sunday, 30 December 2012

Light Brown

From yesterday.

Felt like wearing my Paoloni again. Other pieces include a sky blue semi-spread collar shirt, blue silk blend floral tie, Berg & Berg wool pocket square, brown suede belt, dark blue Incotex chinos, blue Berg & Berg wool socks and brown split toe derby shoes.

The picture here shows a little bit of collar gap, but that's mostly due to me not having the jacket fully buttoned yet I think. There is a slight problem with using bigger and heavier pocket squares with this jacket. The pocket is not very big or roomy, and a thicker one such as this seems to cause some a bit nasty pulls. Guess I'll only be using the smaller squares from now on.

My Lodings got some water damage, which you might be able to see in the picture. Not too bad, but something I've never had with any other shoes. Then again, now that they have a mark or two, they can finally be real fall and winter shoes that don't get scared if it rains a bit.

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