Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rugged Casual Chinos

Those of you who have been following the menswear scene know how cargo pants have been "up" for a quite a while already. I've been thinking about buying a pair for a few times, but never quite found the right kind. Now however, it looks like I don't have to hop on the bandwagon at all, thanks to this pair.

So, only a detail picture, but what I've got here is a pair of Incotex Red casual khaki chinos. They have perhaps a half an inch lower rise and just amazing fabric. It's the sort of heavy, ruggeed and washed cotton that you want from a pair like this. They have a very cargo ish feel without having the silly pockets. Buttons are metal and all the details well done as usual when it comes to Incotex trousers.

What will I wear them with? At first, longwings, chukka boots and other boots come to mind. Perhaps some a bit more sprezz combinations next summer too.

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