Sunday, 23 December 2012

Happy Hunting

So, it's that time of the year again. I'll wish all my readers a merry Christmas, but more than that, happy hunting. Some sales have already begun (especially in the US), and most will in the following days. I've already found myself a couple of Boglioli K-Jackets for a pretty good price for the next summer. Now really looking forward to some accessories after clearing out a a big part of my wardrobe during the fall. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, here's an outfit I had on yesterday while going out to eat with my girlfriend. I haven't worn much grey lately, so decided to go for it for a change. Also, wanted to go for a bit more casual and rougher odd jacket look that would work with my wool hat.

The items include a charcoal peacoat(ish), a grey salt and pepper wool jacket, charcoal cashmere vest, white spread collar shirt, unlined red wool tie, dark blue chinos, charcoal and grey fair isle wool socks and longwing gunboats from Meermin.

The vest seems to have pushed the collar a bit off, which I actually kind of like. Goes well with the overall look. I'm wearing a wool hat after all.

The pocket square is a flannel square from Berg & Berg. The jacket fabric is shown quite well here, a wonderful soft cashmere wool blend.

And last, the shoes and the socks.

So. Enjoy your holidays and good luck for bargain hunting.


  1. Hyvää joulua ja onnellista uutta vuotta!!!

    Hope it's right, I used google translate:)

    Very nice outfit as per usual, but please, could you tell me where did you get the discounted Bogliolis?


    1. Hehe, it is.

      I happened to stumble upon a load of some very interesting items. Threedifferent had a load of some pretty insane Boglioli jackets with some small imperfections for 59 Euros (!) a piece. These were different than the cheaper models they've been selling for 169 Euros for the whole fall.

      Some of them seemed to have some very small flaws, and the selections included such gems as 100% cashmere K-Jackets. We all know what that stuff usually sells for, so if there's a small hole or mark in the back hem or something I don't really mind the 59 Euro price tag. :)

      Anyway, I bought four, just to see how they are. All of the ones I picked were ones that seemed to have VERY small flaws. When I get them I can give some insight on if they were a good deal.