Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Winter Shoe Inspiration

I had a quick monthly treatment done to my winter shoes some days ago, and figured I'd take some nice pictures while passing the lakes today noon. No particular meaning in this post, just winter and winter shoe inspiration. The Berg & Berg heavy wool socks make a pretty pair with the boots.

Brogues boots and Berg & Berg wool socks.

Both boots are in a pretty good shape, and I only had to apply a layer of neutral polish.

Meermin longwings in brown grained leather. Good deal of heaviness to cope with the season.

The Lodings are perhaps the most dressy ones, but still make a decent pair of city shoes during the winter.

All four together.

A famous 104 year-old ship on the background, part of the history of the city actually.

There has been a bit fewer outfit posts recently, but I will have some good ones coming up in the following days. It's nice to just write about items every once in a while though, and hopefully you've enjoyed the information and the pictures.

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  1. Do you wear shoes with leather soles at winter? How salt and snow affect them?

    greatings from Lithuania :)

    1. Hey there,

      Not really, only some of my oxfords if a suit requires it. Snow and salt are really the reason for that, as you probably know it's not really good for them. The main issue is the gravel that we put on the roads to reduce cars and people slipping themselves to death. :) It's those small sharp rocks on top of solid ice of asphalt that really destroy leather soles in seconds.

      So, my favorite for winter and spring (the gravel still on the roads, fall is not that bad) the season is Dainite.

  2. Awesome! Who makes those boots?

    1. Hey! Left ones are Tricker's Stows in the color acorn, the righten ones Loake Litchfields in dark brown.

  3. How can I contact you for inquiries?

    1. Hello there Sir,

      For any inquiries please contact me via email at contact (-at-) or at Facebook.