Saturday, 1 December 2012

Winter Accessories Part 2: Heavy Melange Wool Socks

You might've noticed that I've been wearing a lot of heavier and thicker wool socks in the past months. This is a detail I've grown to like a lot. A warm and thicker wool sock flashing from between your equally heavy shoe and chinos or denim just looks cool and fits the season perfectly.

So, part two, heavy wool socks.

Ever since Berg & Berg announced their F/W 12 collection, I've been drooling at these  particular socks. Just perfect for my needs and style, the vivid color is interesting without being too shouty. Despite the model name, the material isn't actually super thick. It's pretty much the weight I prefer for daily use during the cold Northern winter, and only requires a tiny bit more space in your shoe. It is soft however, and very comfortable to touch and wear.

I've already used both pairs now, and have no complaints. If only there was more colors to choose from, I would really like a similar pair in some sort of forest green and perhaps mustard. In any case, a great way to pimp out those more casual outfits.

Tomorrow there will be the last part, wool ties. And perhaps something more, stay tuned and enjoy your Saturday.


  1. Heya,

    if you're ever looking for similar thick, warm and textured pairs, Scott-Nichol has the best ones out there.