Saturday, 20 October 2012

Bad Hair Day

I was supposed to get a haircut this day, but it never happened as I got caught up at work. So, a pretty normal end-of-the-week casual outfit.

So, this jacket has really paid for itself already. It's starting to be my go-to piece for this season, and I just love the scruffy texture and the lively blue color. Goes with jeans and chinos with ease. It does, however, prefer a bit heavier and rougher shirt, like the flannel shirt here.

One problem I'm starting to find in my wardrobe is the lack of winter shoes.The ones here are my first pair of handmade shoes from some years ago, a cheap Blake welted pair of Chelsea boots. Still OK, and the leather deserves a compliment, but not that presentable anymore. Mostly due pretty harsh use.

Those 200 pound Tetburys are still nowhere to be found.


  1. Nice! This is very similar to my go-to look. I also searched for quite a while for a cheaper Tetbury alternative, but I guess rather than spending 200gbp on something similar tht I am probabily not going to like so much I'm better off spending 300gbp on something I love and get a lot of wear out off. I first wanted to get the Loake pimlico but after I saw a thread on SF comparing the two I decided the small issues I had with the pimlicos add up to make a big difference.


    1. I agree, usually it pays off paying a bit more for an item that you know you're going to love to wear every day and for years. The difference with Pimlico/Tetbury is quite a lot though, will have to look and see.