Sunday, 14 October 2012

Warm Simplicity

Took my family's dog for a walk around a small lake yesterday, and here are a few pictures to show for it.

This outfit was chosen perhaps more for the practical reasons, without sacrificing stylish and well co-ordinated pieces. A combination I think suits a person from an artist to a bigtime CEO for a nice relaxed strowl among fall colors and that crisp air.

The knit was warm enough for +7 (what my car was showing) Celsius, and had a white bd shirt underneath. The fit is quite slim and pretty perfect for me, and the wool is soft enough for the price. Which was just 29 Euros at H&M. I had been looking for a similar kind of flecked knit from a totally different price range, but decided to go for the cheap one. This time I don't have any regrets.

To cope with the semi-chunky knit and overall quite rough textures, I picked my PRL cords. They also proved to be a warm enough choice, and I have to say, that deep blue really brings out the chestnut color in the shoes.



  1. Nice dog and nice dog walking outfit! But what I really like is how it all fits with the autumn scenary. If that is the area your parents live in it is really beautiful!


  2. Thanks. That's what I like about this one the most as well. And most of Finland looks like this really, thanks. If it just wasn't so cold and dark.. :)