Sunday, 28 October 2012

Browns and Blues

So, the temperature is around -5 Celsius and it's already dark at five o'clock. Good times and not very ideal for taking pictures, so I might have to get innovative soon. Anyway, here's another a bit more casual look from some time ago.

Quite like this one, perfect for a casual visit at the shops or perhaps having a cup of coffee with your friends. Starting with the unstructured navy wool cotton blend jacket that I've been wearing a lot this season, a medium brown lightweight cardigan, soft chambray shirt and to keep up with the semi-heavy fabrics and rough textures, brown herringbone cashmere tie.

And the final touch, raw denim and espresso brogue boots. Socks underneath are light blue made of thick wool.


  1. i own the same blazer... amazing quality, amazing cut. well done here..


    1. Hey,

      Yeah, the fabric and the texture is really nice and it keeps you warm to really low temperatures. One of my favorites actually. :)