Thursday, 18 October 2012

Prepared for Rain

I got this overcoat from a Barney's at New York earlier this year, and the time is about right to start using it now. The last few weeks have been rainy indeed, and the wind is starting to bite as well..

An overcoat like this in navy is a piece that offers a lot of variety, and works with a suit as well as an odd jacket + chinos combination like here. The fit on this one is just perfect, slim, but with enough room to house even a thicker jacket. Here with the jacket from my navy suit, white spread collar shirt and brown cashmere herringbone tie. Oh, and a tiger's eye bracelet.

Wish I had a better camera to take a close-up from the tie, but even an iPhone makes it look seriously drool-worthy.

The trousers are the sort of faded olive chinos I've had often before, socks espresso brown merino wool and the shoes C&J Hallams in chestnut. A beautiful patina on them, and really they are just a fantastic pair for their (many, many years) age.


  1. A boss outfit! Should look something like that for the autumn for myself aswell.. Waiting for the next payday still.

    1. Thanks Khayr! As it looks like you're Finnish, I think we're both going to need a bit thicker clothing quite soon.