Thursday, 11 October 2012

Zero Degrees Celsius

The temperatures are starting to get close to zero Celsius, meaning I'm gonna have to start scraping ice from my car's windshield soon enough. To shudder away all thoughts of cold I went for this look the previous Sunday. Casual, warm, comfortable and street-worthy was the theme.

The jacket is the same navy parka featured in older posts, the jeans the same raw denim and the shoes the same Meermin longwings. However, I really like how it all blends together. Actually, most of these pieces I've bought to use them in combinations exactly like this. I've left the collars of the gingham checked flannel shirt unironed to keep that washed and soft look that I think works better here. Also the collar bones have been removed.

Lastly, the heavier longwings offer just the right amount of ruggedness and weight for the outfit, and the color with the grained leather is just perfect for fall and winter. When it starts snowing just I'm just going to change to thicker wool socks. Here I'm still using lightweight merino socks from Pantherella.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of the parka, but everything else is very nice.

    May I ask how you take care of your raw denim, do you wash them or dry clean them?


    1. Thanks. I quite like this one actually, for 50 euros (what I paid for it) it is alright anyway. However, I've been eyeballing so many new parkas for this winter, but good ones are just hideously expensive. Might be that I will just try to cope with this one for now.

      So far I've just been hanging them outside. I'm gonna try to survive at least 6-7 months without a wash, and then perhaps use a dry cleaner for the first round.