Monday, 8 October 2012

Leather Jacket Study

So, last week I decided to wear an old leather jacket I've had for a long time, bought long before my taste was even close to what I prefer today. It still fits quite well and is an ideal fall jacket warmth-wise. This whole combo was just for a brief walk to the groceries, and perhaps more to study the jacket than to look stylish.

To go with the jacket I picked my Litchfields, olive chinos (mistake) and a gingham checked flannel shirt. Now, I don't really think this one worked too well, and I'm going to tell you why. First of all, I actually quite like the jacket. It's not the most beautiful leather jacket, but it isn't terribly ugly either. It fits well and the color is rather beautiful. It also goes well with the nice (and super comfortable) shirt and the boots.

The problem here are the pants (which I chose because everything else was in the washing machine). It's not even the color, but the cuffs. Actually after taking the shots I folded them quite nicely achieving a more rugged feel to them. Still, a bit more worn and less dressy chinos or jeans and I'd say this one would be totally OK for a fall day or even not-so-cold winter day.

So, I'm definitely not a leather jacket fan, but sometimes stepping out of your boundaries and experimenting with different stuff does bring new ideas and helps you evaluate your current style better. You try new things, see if they fit you, and then make decisions whether you will or won't do the same thing twice.

I'll most likely wear my leather jackets more than once this winter.


  1. Hello,

    First of all, congratulations on a good and interesting blog. I try to follow it and often get inspired by your choice of outfits.

    I think the outfit in this post is cool, plain and simple.

    I have a project of my own which you are welcome to follow at:

    It´s about creating a classic shoe wardrobe on a limited budget.

    This is provided you understand Swedish of course.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey,

      A good chance for me to upkeep my Swedish, a very interesting blog. Left some comments on your site.

      Good luck and let's keep in touch!

  2. Isn't the jacket a bit too biker styled? Perhaps one with knit at the end of the sleeves and no zippers would work better? Even so, for running errands it is very ok


    1. It's close, but not so much that I couldn't wear it. Not something I would put on for a strowl nowadays, but sometimes it offers some variety. I used to have a bike btw. :)

    2. How cool is that!!! I wanted to get my bike license a couple of years ago but my girlfriend said it was either that or her! So I'm stuck with 4 wheels :)