Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fall Colors

Visiting the city where my girlfriend studies, the fall colors were all over the place, both on the way and here. Here's a few shots of the outfit I threw on today.

Usually when on a business or weekend trip, I prefer to pick pieces that can provide me the most variety over the coming days, with the least amount of stuff to carry with me. A navy odd jacket is probably my favorite choice, as with a few pairs of pants and maybe another pair of shoes you can pretty much survive an entire week with ease.

So, today it was a bengal striped bd shirt with extra long collar points, silk wool blend tie and my PRL vintage pocket square. Think I had a pretty nice fold in it, but somehow messed it up for this picture. Also, didn't really plan for this, but check out how the colors in the background fit the colors in my outfit here.

The shoes are my new longwings which I think are pretty damn good for a fall combination like this. I didn't really plan on wearing them much with this kind of looks, but I think they actually work here extremely well. A bit heavier than shoes I usually wear, but here they add just the right amount of roughness perfect for this weather.

And here's me doing what I do best - drinking coffee. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and stay sharp.


  1. The second picture is like from a catalog! Very nice outfit overall, I'm not sure I like the tie, it looks pinkish on my monitor.

    May I suggest writing the brands of the outfits items at the end of each post?


    1. Hey there,

      The tie is somewhere between rust and burgundy, not really pink. The second picture has nice colors though, I agree.

      I've been thinking about this, but somehow I don't feel like promoting brands for free. I'll give out the details when people ask, but for now I think I'll hold my current line. I'll think about it though, I guess it could be useful for my readers. :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful city! Is that a typical finnish landscape in the first pic?