Saturday, 27 October 2012

Post No 73

Another one from some time ago, this one was playing with purple. Looking outside it's snowing and everything is totally white now, so I'm going to try post all my old pics in the following days.

The jacket is a wool cash blend worn quite a few times before, a good jacket that will get you through the day all the way down to around 0 degrees Celsius. I've noticed an unpleasant shine on it in pictures, not sure if the microscopic fiber breakage from the cashmere shines in daylight? In real life it's more like a fuzzy warm looking fabric.

The knit underneath is a lightweight cashmere jumper I've bought about a million years ago. Now that I look at the photos there's perhaps a bit too much purple here and a white cotton square would have been better.

The chinos are my casual  navy chinos also bought years ago, socks medium-thick grey merino and the shoes from John Lobb.


  1. Morjes! Love your blog. What is the manufacturer of the jacket.

    1. Hey Juha and thank you!

      This one is from SuitSupply's F/W 2011 collection, but they're still selling it this year. However, mine has gone through quite an expensive makeover and I still feel that the shoulders are slightly too stiff. The fabric is awesome, but there definitely better jackets for the money out there.


    There can never be too much purple :)


    1. Hehe, I suppose. Still, not really a fan of this one. The jumper throws the jacket a bit off from the shoulders making it look just clumsy.