Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hell Yeah

This one I like a lot. It's from a week ago, and actually just put it on to take the pictures as my girlfriend was in town. It's starting to get so dark now that it's almost impossible to get any kind of shots taken during work days. So, I threw this on last weekend and I think it's one of my favorite looks. Liked it so much that I wore a similar the next day at work. Pics of that will follow soon.

The suit is my grey Cavaliere worn many times before, here with a lightweight grey cardigan vest, white spread collar shirt and a Tom Ford polka dot tie. The square is a dark brown with cream paisley pattern and white edges.

I like having the cardigan just a tiny bit over the collar points, makes them look longer. This picture looks like I'm preparing to a fist fight though.

Just love the soft shoulders on the jacket, and the way it works with the other components. I need to get a navy suit with a cut like this, preferably from cotton and with patch pockets. That would be just fantastic for spring and summer.

They're saying it'll snow next week, so this was probably be the last use for my loafers this year.

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