Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Few Shots That Never Got Published

So, here's a few shots from the previous months that never got published.

This one's another from last weekend, but I just wanted to post it as the colors here are just so beautiful. Fall isn't too bad when you think about it!

This one is slightly meh. I remember leaving without the vest, then coming back to get it as it seemed to get a bit chilly. It didn't so all I did was ended up rolling my sleeves. Result, a bit of a mess to be honest. It still teaches a good lesson I think. Too much is too much. Without the vest I think the tie+knit would've been OK, and with the vest both should've been left home.

This one is simply me wearing my then still new grey suit in a more casual manner. Wide light blue knit tie, gingham checked pocket square and a spread collar white shirt. Add the bracelets and the loafers and you have a pretty relaxed suit look.


  1. Wow, I'm loving the last outfit, the light blue tie is awesome! I really need to get one for next summer


    1. Thanks mate, means a lot coming from you.

      I like the tie as well. A complete mystery who's made it, but there's a very nice weave in it and the 2.75" width makes it quite a good choice with a suit.