Monday, 1 October 2012

Yep, Another Monday Another Suit Day

So, the regular Monday suit post. Today there's something new though, as I just got this one back from my tailor. The sleeves were taken in a bit to avoid ugly sagging, and they're just about right now. Also the shirt is new from a few weeks back, a bd shirt with very long collar points, one that I have been looking for a long time.

The tie is a yellow grenadine, and I've matched it with the leaves on the background. Not really. But, I quite like how the colors, textures and patters work here. I usually avoid using more than one pattern, and rarely wear shirts that have one. However, today it's obviously not true, and not to make people go crazy looking at seven different stripes or checks, the tie and the pocket square are of just one color. The grenadine tie is perfect for this, as it is still interesting with it's texture but especially from a distance looks like a normal plain tie (without an ugly shine).

The shoes are my C&J Hallams and the socks normal greyish navy ribbed cotton socks.